Architectural Submissions Page Overview:

This is the Architectural Submissions page. It displays work requested by you or affecting you.

Viewing and Navigating the Architectural Submissions page

You can sort on many columns (in both ascending and descending order) by clicking on the column heading.

You can control which Architectural Submissions are displayed by checking and un-checking the status boxes at the top of the list and by including a date range. By default, completed Submissions are not displayed but you can include them by checking the checkboxes and clicking 'Apply Filter'.

You will receive an email notification when the status of your Architectural Submission changes.

Click the Title in the 'Description' column to display the details of your work request.

Displayed Architectural Submissions can be saved as a PDF or downloaded to Excel using the buttons at the bottom of the page. The 'Download Excel Database' button will create an Excel spreadsheet. This arrangement is ideal for integration into databases for internal tracking purposes.

Editing the Architectural Submissions page

You can add a new Architectural Submission by clicking the 'Request New' button and entering the information requested. Be sure to include the 'Short Description' - this is the title of your request.

Images and Documents Tab: You should upload all associated images and documents by using the "Images and Documents" tab. These uploads will not be saved until you subsequently click the Submit button back on the main Work Description tab.

Administration of the Architectural Submissions page

Only the Architectural Submissions administrator gets notification of new repair requests - except it is possible for BOD members to subscribe to alerts of new Architectural Submissions. Any email address or email group can be set as the recipient of notifications of new submissions. That is set under Site Admin / Site Defaults.

Besides Board Members and Administrators, only the owner who requests or is affected by a particular Architectural Submission will see the request and be notified of any changes in status of that request. Owners will not see Architectural Submissions which do not affect them.

When editing submissions, administrators can add categories to the Architectural Submissions Category pulldown, and can select from previously added categories.

Further Help

In addition to context-sensitive help on each page, you can click the Email link on the lower left corner of each page to email the Association about Association issues.

You can also contact CondoConduit Web Support for help on web site issues or login problems by clicking the 'Web Site Support' link on the lower right corner of each page.