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Good Tuesday Afternoon Mainsailors,


In reviewing some of your comments and realizing that our Board of Director Meetings have been extensive and long to say the least, we are taking a step to put some formality to our upcoming meetings.  We want to move forward productively and not continue in the same format as in the past.  In an effort to make this successful we need a Parliamentarian that will insure this process is upheld and we continue to take our community in a positive direction.  Please contact me if you have these qualities in your background or would like to learn more about this important position.    You will only be called on for 5 meetings a year / 3 remaining for 2021 (August 7, 2021 and October 1 and 2, 2021).  If you would just like to work the two remaining meetings this year and then we can evaluate the process going into the 2022 year.


Please contact me at


Thank you for your consideration.




Hello Owners,

Cox Update:

As of now Cox is still here working to fix the rest of the outage issues. They did restore much of the units yesterday and this morning. The cause of most of this was because of a lightning strike. They are doing what they can on their end but if the power outage affected your modems, they will need to have another technician in to fix each unit that still doesn’t have service after they are completed with this part of the process. IF YOUR UNIT STILL HAS NO SERVICE AT 12:30PM CENTRAL TIME, EMAIL PERRIANN SO SHE CAN LET COMMUNITY CARE KNOW TO SCHEDULE ANOTHER TECHNICIAN.





From our Cox account manager:

"They have a tentative repair time of this evening around 18:00.

I’m sorry for the issues, the field team is working repairs as quickly as they can."



The Cox Tech that is here says they have a "critical" ticket out for Mainsail, which really just means there is a team of people working on this as we speak and it is high priority.



Folks, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, Cox has not been able to fix the outage as of now. We agree, this is unacceptable. However, they are doing everything they can. We are as well. We have contacted the Mainsail Account manager a number of times stressing the importance to get this resolved. They say it will be fixed “as quickly as possible.” If you have renters that will be arriving during this outage, we suggest you set the expectation, so they are aware prior to arrival. As soon as we have an update, we will post it on here.




Good morning owners,

We are aware of the Cox outages and are working with them to have it fixed. We need an updated list of which units still do not have internet. If your unit is still without, please email Perriann immediately with your unit number and just put “Cox outage” in the subject line. She will be giving our account manager this list this morning.



6.16.21   Regarding the “Phase 2” Project

Hello owners,

We have received a preliminary schedule of what sequence Valcourt will be working in on the restoration project’s “Phase 2”. Below is what was sent to us from them. Currently this is all we have. As soon as we get more details, we will fill you in. Perhaps this will help some of you to start planning!

“Here is the general sequence of the schedule for phase 2 that has been submitted.    We will issue a more detailed schedule and the exact dates will vary some based on the extent of the repairs on each drop, but the sequence shouldn’t change.   The general sequence for the balcony drops will be as follows:”


Starting September 7th

6.14.21   ***Important for buildings 2 & 4***

Hello owners,

If you have a unit in building 2 or 4 and want to have windows, glass or sliding glass doors replaced, please have the work done and complete by phase 2 of the project. That starts in September. As you all are already aware, a part of the project addresses water intrusion and sealants all around the doors and windows. They will be sealing everything up so that is has a warranty. If you have doors or windows replaced after they have done that work, they will not come back to re-seal and therefore yours would not be under the warranty. We shared this info prior to the first phase but we wanted to remind everyone now that there are a lot of new owners.

Hope you all are having a great day!



Here are the specs:





Approved Walkway Windows

- PGT WinGuard Vinyl Single Hung (SH-5500) and Horizontal Roller Windows (HR-5510)

- Must be Large Missile Impact Rated

- Must have grey tint turtle friendly glass – VLT of 0.45 or less

- Shwinco Single Hung (Series 9000) and Horizontal Roller Windows (Series 9050 HS Window – Must have minimum ¾” sill riser)

- Must be Large Missile Impact Rated

- Must have grey tint turtle friendly glass – VLT of 0.45 or less


Approved Fixed Windows

- PGT WinGuard Vinyl Fixed Windows (PW-5520)

- Must be Large Missile Impact Rated

- Must have grey tint turtle friendly glass – VLT of 0.45 or less


Approved Sliding Glass Doors

- PGT WinGuard Vinyl Sliding Glass Door (SGD-5570/5760)

- JeldWen Aluminum Sliding Glass Door (Premium Atlantic Aluminum)

- PGT WinGuard Aluminum Sliding Glass Door (SGD-770HP with 4” Sill Height)

- Kawneer Aluminum Sliding Glass Door (HPX Monumental)

- CGI Windows and Doors Aluminum Sliding Glass Door (Series 560)

- All Sliding Glass Doors must meet or exceed +/- 75 psi

- Must be Large Missile Impact Rated

- Must have grey tint turtle friendly glass – VLT of 0.45 or less


****Owners are required to submit Florida Product Approval numbers (specific to window or door being installed), exact size and model of window/door to the Association for approval before purchase of window/door.




Hello Owners,          ***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ***

We are going to clean the bicycle area under the tennis courts. Due to the fact, that most of you live remotely and only come here sporadically, we want to give you all ample time to accomplish this.

The following will be the process:

If you have a bicycle under there that you would like to keep, please stop by May’s Office (Tues – Sat 8:30 – 4:30) and grab one of the red flagged zip ties. Please put it around the handlebars of the bicycle and leave it on there through the end of the year. ON JANUARY 1ST WE WILL BE REMOVEING ANY BIKE THAT DOES NOT HAVE THIS TAG.



Hello Owners,                    ***IMPORTANT***

This is a reminder for everyone to fill out and send courtesy the patrol the

CourtesyPatrolReservationForm 2021 prior to your guests’ arrival. (It is located on the website under the “forms” tab) If the person(s) coming is your son or daughter and you do not want to be invoiced for them, you must state that they are your child with their name on the form. They will be ID’d at the gate to confirm. That way, the information the office gets will reflect that, and you will not receive a bill for them.


Hello owners,

We hope you all had a great weekend.

Perriann emailed everyone for the 3rd quarter dues on the 1st. Many of you have already sent your checks in so we are aware that you, in fact, received the email. Thank you.

If any of you didn’t receive your email, please contact Perriann with a good email address and she will resend it to the new one.




Hello Owners!

Two Big things to share with all of you!!


  1. Regarding the restoration project

Thank you for your patience while waiting to hear back about what is happening with Valcourt going forward. As some of you know, this has been a process with legal teams and took longer than anyone expected. Well, we have made it through this last hurdle and both parties have officially signed an addendum that will allow Valcourt to finish the second part of the project in what is now referred to as “Phase 2”. Just so everyone is aware they have demobilized and are gone off property until Phase 2 begins in Aug/Sept. Donna Rupp our Project board liaison has been kind enough to take the addendum and create bullet points for you to highlight the important parts.  See below.


  1. Regarding the survey

Thank you for your time and input into our community!

There was an overwhelmingly response with 153 owners participating! Which only tells us that we are all fortunate to live in a community with other passionate people.

Here are the full results for everyone to review. Remember this was a poll, NOT a vote, so we will be gathering more information for the Fall meeting to ensure the process

is followed completely and in accordance with Florida HOA laws/policy/procedures.  See below.






Dated 5/28/2021























Hello owners,

In the years past, the annual meeting was scheduled for the first whole weekend in October. This year was no different, when scheduled it was agreed upon to schedule it for the first full “Thursday, Friday, and Saturday” in 2021’s October. Hence, why it is scheduled for then. However, it has been pointed out and based on Mainsail’s documents, it only refers to the first “Saturday” in October. So, we will be changing the dates to the September 30th, October 1st, and October 2nd. It will be corrected on the “BOD & Committees” Packet which was posted on the website originally in March of this year. Please make the necessary arrangements to attend that weekend!





In an effort to give everyone time to vote on the survey, we have pushed the due date for voting to Monday morning (5.31.21) at 11am. 



Hello owners,

The survey Jay created on Survey Monkey was a free version only allowing 40 votes.  He has since created a new one for all owners to participate.

We sent an email blast but some of you wont receive it due to the fact that the email blast list is only the primary email addresses each owner set up with Perriann.



Only one vote per unit






5.24.21                                          ***IMPORTANT***

Dear Mainsailors,

We want to take a few minutes to write you all so we all better understand the discord in our community.  It seems that the last few weeks has brought up issues that have been “hot topics” on social media within a group of owners in our Mainsail Community.  We as a Board said we would be transparent, we are all working toward that but immediately after my last update from the Board meeting all of the Board who are also owners were blocked from the Mainsail Owners Facebook site.  This is NOT working toward meeting us halfway and resolving any issues.

Weddings – in the past 5 years we have been a partner in hosting weddings on our beach.  At the beginning we were receiving $250.00 per wedding.  We increased our fee to $500.00 about 2 years ago per wedding which brings $ 12,000.00 to $15,000.00 to our Wedding income line.  As well, many of the wedding party are encouraged to rent from our owners as part of the contract.  Friday was an alarming situation when the ocean water line was half way up the beach Alex, our beach attendant had to set the umbrellas back beyond the water line almost in the middle of the beach.  A wedding had been on our books for some months and the vendor came to set up the wedding with less space available than normal.  Seems as if one of our owners began following the vendor around taking pictures and berating them.  This young man was not the owner of the company, he was just trying to do his job!  This is not who we are…..we are a family oriented peaceful community. 

Please, We are asking, no we are begging each of you to stop a moment, think about who we are…how we have all gotten along for the past 35 plus years and the last 8 months a group has put so much discord in our community, we can’t seem to get anything done without their constant complaints!

Your Board is working hard to finalize one of the biggest expenditures our community has had with the Valcourt amendment.  Trying to help our owners get back to making their well-deserved income for the summer months while managing a company to finish a job in a timely manner. (We hope to have the final amendment done by the end of this week.)

Since the Board meeting,  We have put up signs for trespassers and now moving forward with cameras for trespassers.  Signs are UP….Camera’s are being scheduled for install, $30,000.00 in Parking fees has been billed to those guests that are visiting our community and using our amenities - again to help our community stay vibrant – stay clean- stay relevant!  All of this plus our day to day work.

Jay Casio has put together a straw vote survey that will be available this afternoon to help everyone have a say going forward on some ideas that were brought to the B & G committee last month.  Before we do the due diligence we want to hear from as many owners as possible on your thoughts.  Please take a few minutes from your day (survey begins Monday and ends Friday at 5:00 p.m. CST) to take the survey.  I promise you, your answers will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.  Once we hear from each of you that will give better direction for the B & G committee to move forward on these ideas.

The Parking fees, the wedding income, VaCasa, etc brings over $175,000.00 to our income keeping our assessments down… Reasonable and Fair to All Concerned.   

We are better than this….we are stronger than this…..We are Mainsail!



Good Afternoon Mainsailors,

We realize there are some issues with the owner storage cages that were inherited from previous managers. We are planning on getting this issue resolved as soon as we can. Salah Y. (BOD) will go through the lockers in August and make a rendering for all spaces to be published during the October meeting so all owners will have their assigned space.  October is the month we have an extra dumpster on property and this will allow owners to clean out their storage cages if needed.  More to share in the August BOD meeting. 



Project updated dates:

Regarding Balconies

Building 1 stack 8 

Tenative completion date: should be 5.19.21

Building 3 stack 2


Building 3 stack 3

Tenative completion date: 5.19.21

Building 3 stack 4

Tenative completion date: 5.25.21

Building 3 stack 4 - North

Tenative completion date: 5.21.21



The latest project update was posted under the "Project Update" tab



Project updated dates:

Regarding Balconies

Building 1 stack 7


Building 1 stack 8 

Tenative completion date: should be 5.18.21

Need 4 great weather days

Building 3 stack 1 


Building 3 stack 2

Tenative completion date: 5.12.21

Building 3 stack 3

Tenative completion date: 5.19.21

Building 3 stack 4

Tenative completion date: 5.25.21

Building 3 stack 4 - North

Tenative completion date: 5.21.21




New Fitness Center Code:  5525




Project updated dates:

Regarding Balconies

Building 1 stack 7

Is complete and opened back up (Except for floor 7 which has a small delay to fix an issue)

Building 1 stack 8 

Tenative completion date: should be 5.12.21

Building 3 stack 1 

Tenative completion date 5.5.21

Building 3 stack 2

Tenative completion date: 5.12.21

Building 3 stack 3

Tenative completion date: 5.19.21

Building 3 stack 4

Tenative completion date: 5.25.21

Building 3 stack 4 - North

Tenative completion date: 5.21.21




Good Morning Mainsailors,

It was truly a busy end of last week at Mainsail.  Both the Building and Grounds committee met on Thursday and the Board of Directors met on Friday.  In an effort to make sure you receive the correct information and updates, here is a synopsis of the BOD meeting (this does not serve as the minutes, they will be posted after approved at the next meeting. Please feel free to reach out to any of the committee members or Board members for further clarification.  We want to be transparent and insure everyone is receiving the most up to date information.


PARKING FEE – During the month of March we sent out $7,100 in parking fees and these fees, if all collected, will assist in offsetting the Security cameras, gate locks, etc. if recommended by the Finance Committee.  As promised your BOD stated that the parking fees would assist in ensuring our community maintains a level of quality when you arrive home to your piece of paradise.

Financials – The Treasurer along with the Finance Committee will post the financials on our website at least once a quarter for your review.



 Minimum of 3 Day Rentals – After discussion with our attorney Gary he explained to us that if we changed our documents, all present owners would be grandfathered in and the new rule will only pertain to new owners or we could put it out for vote.  If a vote is the option, it will require 100% approval.  It was decided that we all work harder to communicate to our owners/guests and to please consider that your guests have at minimum of a 3-night stay.  This could also raise red flags in the financing / refinancing for our owners listing us as a condotel, which we do not want.


Number of Guests in Units – After discussion with our attorney we cannot require setting a maximum of guests per unit.  As the HOA does not have the authority to do so. We are recommending 2 per bedroom / 2 sleeper sofa.  This is again an opportunity to ask our members to consider not only the wear and tear in our community but on their personal units.  Cars per unit remains the same 1 car per bedroom.

If you would like to be a part of the Rental Committee, please contact Donna Rupp at Donna   Rupp




Camera’s – We are very much in favor of having cameras installed in our community but after much thought we realize we need to accept this as an HOA project and not accept private funds.  It is not fair for one or more people to fund the project.  As much as we appreciate the generosity to sponsor this security enhancement, it is the HOA’s responsibility.

However, I would remind you that we do have a process for approving any major projects.  Our next step would be for the Finance Committee to review and outline for us what the long-term expenses would entail so that we can budget accordingly. The building and grounds committee did not recommend a specific camera quote. Therefore, the board could not either.

Next Steps – Awaiting a Formal Recommendation from Mr. Sellers, Sub Committee Chair for Security/Cameras to send to the B & G Committee, Finance Committee for their due diligence and then to BOD.  We will then have a called meeting to discuss. 

Signage – Your Board Member Salah met with Mr. Sellers to walk the property to review where signage would be placed.  They have devised a plan and signage will be in place within the very near future.

Wrist Bands - The B & G decided not to go forward with the wrist bands at this time to see if the cameras would discourage our uninvited guests.

Locks on Gates – The Finance Committee will receive the documents to review and complete due diligence to see if there are any other expenses long term to the overall budget and will report to the BOD as soon as possible to finalize in the next few weeks.

Convenience Store – More due diligence needs to be done on this both by the proposed lessee and our HOA (lessor).  Once a final proposal is complete it will go to the Finance Committee for further study and recommendation to the BOD.

Weddings – We are and have been partnered with Crystal Beach Weddings for the past 5 plus years.

We made $9,000.00 in 2020; they pay us $500 per wedding on our beach.  All weddings are coordinated with our GM, Courtesy Patrol and Maintenance. Your Building and Grounds Committee did decline the option to partner with Crystal Beach on the Pavilion.  We are under contract for another 2 years. As well, they promote our community for the wedding party and guests to stay so that helps owners who rent.

Bonfires – B & G did not go forward with a recommendation on bonfires due to the requirements but did ask that we consider having only one permitted for our Annual HOA Annual Meeting Social / Homecoming.

VALCOURT – Amendment is still being reviewed by both Valcourt’s attorney and our attorney.  We are expected to conclude this in the next two weeks.  Continue to watch the website for updates.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE – Coffee Table Book – Joyce Hankins shared a link to the Mainsail Coffee Table Book for all Homeowners.  This book gives a brief look at our past and our present. Many people ask about Mainsail, the age, when we started, who started the project, etc.  This book will be a wonderful addition to your home whether you rent or not.  You can contact Joyce Hankins at  to have her put your name on the order.  She is trying to order in bulk to save you money.


Adrienne Paciera has put together a wonderful beach bucket with information for new owners on Rules and Regulations, beach service, website and where to go for more information.  She also included a couple of promotional items with our logo attached.

Melissa Quinn has been busy working on Canvas Prints for the Emmett Sanford Room and Office. While gathering pictures for the coffee table book Melissa and the committee thought it would be nice to take some of the pictures and have them placed on a large canvas to hang in our meeting room / office.  This will give some history and beauty to both spaces and tell our story.  If you would like to sponsor a print or two, please reach out to Melissa at

Staff - We have an amazing group of people working hard every day to make our community the best it can be. They take pride in working at Mainsail and love interacting with and providing service to our owners and their guests.  As most of you have heard or read, the vacation industry is exploding across the country.  People are ready to get out of the house and be around other people and get back to living.    With that said, we are finding it very hard to find new people to join our team.  This is not isolated to just Mainsail or Destin.  This is a nation-wide problem that most experts do not see ending over the next few months.  We ask that you all enjoy your piece of paradise experience at Mainsail  and all the amenities we have to offer but also show patience and gratitude for those who are here working hard every day to provide you with services during these difficult times.  Your management team is working hard to recruit individuals who we feel have the vision and values to provide the service that you deserve.

Moving further we respectively request that you ask your questions pertaining to Board / Committee matters to a Committee Member / BOD to get the most informed answer.  Conversation of this matter is not only unhealthy for our community it is unfair to our new owners.  Please go to the Board of Directors / Committees Planning Meeting document and e-mail either a Board member or Committee member.  We hope to start a page that will be: Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.  (Found under Notices BOD & Committees Tab)

Thank you all for your patience as we continue to make Mainsail your piece of paradise each and every time you are here.

Best Regards,

Mainsail BOD




Mainsail HOA is inviting you to these 

scheduled Zoom meetings

(Click the link below or Call in)

Building & Grounds Meeting 4.29.21

Time: 8:00 AM Central Time

Join Zoom Meeting Via This Link:

Meeting ID: 609 951 1709

Passcode: Image14

Dial by your location:

 1 312 626 6799 

Meeting ID: 609 951 1709

Passcode: 8409701


Board of Directors Meeting 4.30.21

9:00 AM Central Time

Join Zoom Meeting Via This Link:

Meeting ID: 609 951 1709

Passcode: Image14

Dial by your location:

 1 312 626 6799 

Meeting ID: 609 951 1709

Passcode: 8409701



The latest project update has been posted under that tab.



An updated BOD & Committees list with contact info has been posted.

You can find that under the "Notices / Agendas" tab and then click on "BOD & Committes" tab next.



Hello Owners,

Notice / Agendas have been posted under that tab. Also, just an fyi… Due to a scheduling conflict with our attorney, we have moved the dates up to Thursday 29th & Friday 30th. Thursday’s meeting will begin at 8am and Friday’s will begin at 9am.

I need a volunteer to run the Zoom part of the meeting. We will be using our laptop and will have the quotes on there. All this person will have to do is click to start the meeting, mute everyone, and share the documents that are preloaded with the people attending via Zoom. It should be fairly simple. Jay Casio has been kind enough to do it in the past, but he will not be on site.

If someone would volunteer for this, I need to know, no later than Friday morning at 10am. I would like to do a practice run on Monday or Tuesday, whichever would work for you.  Please email Shea at:

Thank you



Project updated dates:

Regarding Balconies

Building 1 stack 7

Is complete and opened back up (Except for floor 7 which has a small delay to fix an issue)

Building 1 stack 8 

Tenative completion date: should be 5.8.21

Building 3 stack 1 

Tenative completion date 5.4.21

Building 3 stack 2

Tenative completion date: 5.11.21

Building 3 stack 3

Tenative completion date: 5.18.21

Building 3 stack 4

Tenative completion date: 5.24.21



Hello Owners,

We wanted to share something quite amazing that happened in our community just yesterday.

Alex, our beach attendant and one other lifeguard swam out to rescue two individuals that got caught in the rip current! It happened just to the west of Mainsail. Quoting one of your fellow owners: “It was a horrifying moment as we watched from our fourth-floor unit.”

So, if you see Alex sometime, feel free to praise him for a job well done.

He certainly is a valued member of our community!



The latest project update has been posted.



Hello Owners,

It was announced in the previous meetings that we were going to replace the storage room doors. That has since been completed. If you were unaware of this, we just wanted to communicate that those new doors require you to get a new key. When you get back on property, please stop by the office and May will give you the new one.



Good Morning Owners

Just an FYI... B&C Fire Safety will be doing annual inspections today. Not to worry if you hear the fire alarms go off. They will have to set them off throughout this process.



Hello Owners!

Everyone knows it is the busy rental season and we are glad to have so many guests visit our property. One thing you may not know is we are short staffed at the gate. We have had an ad posted for the positions available for over 2 months. Unfortunately, we have not had anyone interested in the job. The job market is difficult right now and if you own a business, I am sure you would agree. It is like this everywhere.

 Courtesy Patrol is doing the extensive work to implement the parking fee, they are checking the guests through the gate, giving them direction as to where to park, and going over the rules and regulations with them. If for some reason you see something that is a disturbance to our community, let courtesy patrol know. If they do what they can and you feel more needs to be done, please take it upon yourself to help them out. It may be that you need to call the police or approach the people disturbing everyone, yourself. We are asking for you to help as this is your community and your home. We all should work as a team to ensure the safety of everyone staying here in our precious community!

Thank you everyone for you participation and cooperation!



The latest project update has been posted under the "Project Update" tab



Hello Owners,

I would like to take this last chance to remind everyone that we are working on a project for the event center and would like to have digital photos blown up and be put on canvases. A few months ago, I asked for you to send me any photos you thought might be great for this type of idea. A great big “Thank you” goes out to the owners who participated with that. We still need some “artsy” shots. We would particularly like to have a night shot and a sundown shot. (Daytime shots will be in the running as well) If you have captured any of this type, and it is in digital format, please email to me.  

We will be utilizing shots from before and after the project is done. We still need a couple of great historical shots if anyone has one from the 80’s or 90’s that would be good to blow up on canvas.

Thanks again to all who participates!



***(Please read posting below if you havent already)***




If you have guests coming to stay here at Mainsail....

PLEASE email the correct form to the correct email address

There are still many owners using the old email adress and the staff is not receiving the information prior to guests arriving. When this happens, it causes the lines to be long and unhappy people.





The latest project update has been posted.







Hello Mainsailors,


Meet Alex our new Beach Attendant from Holiday Isle Beach Service.  Alex has shadowed both Robert and Hudson in the past years so he is familiar with our expectations.  He is a nice young man originally from Atlanta, GA area.  I hope you will all get to know Alex as you enjoy our beach this season.


Just as a reminder for our Owners and Guests:

  1.  All Paid Season Beach Umbrella’s will have first priority for front row.

  2. Beach Service Hours are 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   7 days a week (please ask your guests not to arrive to get their umbrella / chairs prior to 9:00 a.m. as Alex is busy setting up for the day)

  3. All Paid Season Owners can let Alex know your scheduled time at the beach and he will put a RESERVED (Yellow Card) on your chair for the days you request.

  4. All Paid Season Rental Guests – First Come First Served each day to the beach / No Reserved Cards for Guests.

  5. All Tents will be set up to the right / left of Beach Chairs (within the Mainsail Private Beach Signs)

  6. All Personal Umbrella’s will be set up behind the Paid Owner /Renter Beach Service Sets.

  7. Only small tents or extra small personal umbrella’s that are attached to a Paid Beach Service Set can set up directly behind the Paid Beach sets.

  8. Please remind your guests to respect our Beach by “What they take to the beach needs to be taken out including cigarette butts! Old toys! Old Chairs! Paper! Plastic!

  9. No GLASS on the BEACH!.....$500.00 fine from South Walton Beach Authority

  10. Check with the Office on times you can have a PET on the beach

  11. Remember Owners and Guests… tip Alex and his team as they work very hard each day!


So there is no confusion, Alex will have a complete set of laminated rules with him.  If anyone disputes the rules he will simply ask them to discuss with their Owner / Board Member.

I know we are very proud of our beautiful beach and want to insure it remains that way during our tenure as owners.

Enjoy the Sunsets!





3.12.21                 ***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ***


Just an FYI..... Floor 1 of Building 2 walkways will be CLOSED until "tentatively” 3.26.21.  We will keep you posted if that date changes. 

This is due to manufacturers product & shipping restraints.

**Be sure to let your property managers know**






Hello Mainsailors! 

I hope you have noticed that we have taken some time to redecorate our Office at Mainsail to be more pleasing for our Homeowners and guests. 

 Our new norm is being able to order on line!  Although it is a nice service to have your packages (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc) delivered to Mainsail (Your Home Away From Home), it is important that you pick up your packages from the office in a timely manner. 


We have packages and boxes sitting in our office since early to mid-February.  Each of us usually get a tracking e-mail when our packages are delivered and reminder that they have been delivered.  May also tries to give you a courtesy call.  Please pick up your packages within 24 hours of these tracking e-mails / calls.  If you do not pick up your packages we will deliver them to your units for $5.00 per package!  A heavy package such as some we have sitting in the office will be charged by weight!  

Stay well!

Lona Pope



Hello Owners,

There was a storage cage marked #454 that belonged to someone and an unknown person came, cut the lock, and took all the items out. The cage is still empty. Does anyone know where these belongings are?  Contact the office if so 850.837.7894

(I have written this on behalf of the owner of 454)




Got a few updates form today's progress meeting, they are as follows:

(The weather has been really rainy & wet lately)

Building 1 Balconies

Stack 5 - is scheduled to be finished by the beginning of next week

Stack 6 - is running on time

Satck 7 & 8 are running a few weeks behind. (Due to unforseen conditions and material lead time delays)

Building 2 Walkways Floor closures and completion dates

Floor 5 will open Friday 3.5.21

Floor 4 will open Monday 3.8.21

Floor 3 should open 3.10.21

Floor 2 should open 3.14.21

Floor 1 should open 3.16.21


Just want to confirm there will be no work done on building 4 until phase 2. So, you all should be good to go with rentals

Also, the southeast beach access is now open



The latest project update has been posted under that tab.

If you have not read the last 2 posts from earlier today,




Building 2 Floors 1-5 are CLOSED.




3.1.21  *****IMPORTANT PLEASE READ*****

Weather delays again on building 2 walkways

        *  2nd Floor – 1 to 2 days delay




                       Important!        **PLEASE READ**


The shipping was delayed for the products needed to complete the floors. Here are the new completion dates for building 2 floor closures.






The new revised and realistic schedule has been posted under the "Notices/Agendas" Tab

As discussed in the February 6th board meeting, this schedule is now a "phased" one. The work shown on this schedule is the work to be completed from now to Memorial Day. After which, they will demobilize and leave property so we can resume for the rental season. They plan to come back and begin phase 2 after Labor Day weekend and finish by Feb. 2022 so you can have your rental season then as well. We sure hope this helps everyone involved.






Valcourt is working diligently to get you an updated and realistic schedule they can stick to. They have brought in a few other guys that are helping to strategize this, now, 2 phased project.

We all know you are desperately needing a schedule and we will have it to you in the coming days. Hang in there just a bit longer.


Here are the updates I do have: (Nothing More, Nothing Less)

Building 2 Walkway closures:   (please be aware the weather has not been our friend. It has been rainy and cold)

Floor 8 : will open Sunday 2.21.21

Floor 7 : will open Monday 2.22.21

Floor 6 : will open  2.23.21

Floor 5 : will open 2.25.21

Floor 4:  2.15.21 – 3.3.21

Floor 3 : 2.17.21 – 3.5.21

Floor 2 : 2.22.21 – 3.9.21

Floor 1 : 2.24.21 – 3.11.21


Building 3 Stack 3 Balconies : Work will begin Thursday 2.18.21 (PLEASE REMOVE ALL FURNITURE AND SCREENS BY 7AM THAT MORNING)

Building 3 Stack 4 Balconies : Work will begin Thursday of Next week 2.25.21 (PLEASE REMOVE ALL FURNITURE AND SCREENS BY WEDNESDSY 2.24.21)

Building 1 Stack 5 Balconies:  Should be done by the first week in March




FYI... On the project update we noticed a misprint

****I needed to make a change to the "ParkingFeeLetterForPropertyManagers"

So I just reloaded that under the "Notices/Agendas" Tab. Please make sure when you send that to the property managers you also send the "CourtesyPatrolReservationForm2021"

Please explain that they need to know how many cars the guests will have and put that on the form. (so everyone is on the same page)

Remember: 1 car per bedroom is the rule


Also, The latest project update has been posted. We don't have the revised schedule. We hope to have it within the next couple of days. Stay tuned to this site for those details. I promise to have it to you as soon as we have it.




Hello Owners,

**Important Please Read**

Under the “Notices / Agendas” tab is the letter to explain the parking fee.

It is titled: “ParkingFeeLetterForPropertyManagers” This letter can be sent to the property managers, so they are aware of how the parking fee works. Please take the time to reach out to your representatives and give them the necessary info.

If you have not seen the new Arrival Reservation Form, please see that under the “forms” tab.

 It is titled “CourtesyPatrolReservationForm 2021” Use it to let courtesy patrol know who to expect.

We are still on target to launch the parking fee procedure on March 1st, 2021



One of your fellow owners sent me an information sheet from Energy Star.

If you recently had your Sliding Glass Doors replaced, you may be eligible for a tax credit. 

I posted the information sheet under the "Notices / Agendas" Tab

Feel Free to Check it Out



Hello Owners,

I know everyone is looking forward to an updated schedule and believe you me, we are too. Let me start by letting you know… Valcourt did get us a rough draft of what was possible. However, we came back with some things they need to address and get back to us on. So, if you all will give us about another week or so, we should have something definitive enough for you all to go by.

What I can tell you (and this is all the info I have at this time)

***Building 3 - stack 2 balconies work will begin immediately.

***All walkways on building 3 are finished, no more closures.

***Building 1 - stacks 1 – 4 are open. Please bear in mind, the detailed “punch list” is not complete. They still have minor fine tuning to do. Valcourt may be planning to come back to fix things.

***Building 2 walkway closures are still on schedule.

                 Floors 8 & 7 are scheduled to finish on time 2.16.21

                 Floors 6 & 5 are on track to also hit their scheduled dates and so on







Hello Owners,

Valcourt is working on an updated schedule.

As soon as I have it, I will post on here. 

That is all the info I have at this time.




From Lona Pope, President, Mainsail HOA


Hello Mainsailors!  Hope this note finds each of you safe and healthy!  As you may or may not know your Board has been busy at work in preparation of the upcoming summer months and how the restoration will be involved.

We were surprised and updated with a new schedule last Monday, 2/1/21 and immediately knew that we had to do some work to insure our Homeowners did not lose their summer rentals.  I called an Emergency Executive Board Meeting for last Friday 2/5/21 and invited our attorney, Gary Shipman to discuss our options.  I don’t think it is a surprise that Valcourt is behind schedule and mostly due to not enough staffing and Building 1 was in worse shape than expected (hence staying on Swing Stage 1-1 drop for over 5 months)

Weighing all our options and upon advise from our Attorney Gary Shipman we have made the decision that work will STOP on or before Friday, May 28, 2021. (Memorial Day).  They will break all their equipment down and remove all items from property.  They will plan to resume after Labor Day week. (Date TBD)  Gary will write an addendum to the original contract with the dates and with a higher penalty if they don’t complete by a designed date (prior to Spring Break 2022).  This is at no extra cost to the HOA.  We are still under the original contract.  The only things that change is the completion date, the new Stop and Start dates and the higher penalty if they don’t complete with new deadline. 

We will be negotiating a new contract with our Engineers, O’Connell and Assoc. as they will need to be on property to sign off on each step of this arduous job. They have shown us that they are the right group, just more work than anyone thought possible! 

I hope this helps each of you to plan for the summer and to obtain some revenues.  If you are not a renter, it will help you enjoy the summer months with your family and friends without the noise.  As well, Jeff Harmon our Treasurer has asked that we defer the last special Assessment due in April until October 2021.  Again allowing you the time to gather the reserves from summer!

Feel free to call on me or any of your Board should you have any questions regarding this plan.


Remember …Try to be a RAINBOW in Someone else’s Cloud!                          Maya Angelou


Please Note:

Under "Notices / Agendas" The second tab on the top is a page called "BOD & Committees"  All Board Members' and Committee Members' contact info is in that packet.




Hello Owners,

Just an FYI... We will be repainting the event center in the upcoming months and we plan to update the wall decorations. Our thought is to take old & new photos of Mainsail and blow them up. (possibly on canvas) We have asked for you to send in pictures you think would be great for this sort of thing. Thank you to the 2 owners who have already. If you would like to donate some pictures that would work, we will be sure to return once the project is finished. You can send them to me or drop them off in my office. We hope this will be a nice thing to see as we celebrate the history and story of this wonderful community!






Work on Building 3 stacks 1 and 2 will begin next week.






Here are all of the updated email addresses for staff and added ones for assistant supervisors:


Shea -  GM:

Perriann - Admin Asst:

May - Guest Relations:

Eddie - Maintenance Supervisor:

Gary - Maintenance Asst. Supervisor:

Courtesy patrol - Guard Gate:

Mike - Courtesy Patrol Supervisor:

Bobbi - Courtesy Patrol Asst. Supervisor:





The latest project update was posted under the "project Update" tab.

Please note there was a typo on the info...

For Building 3 Walkway Closures:  

It should say Jan 11th - Feb 2nd



Updated agendas to this February's Meetings has been posted



The Notices / Agendas have been posted for the upcoming February meeting.



**Building 2 & 4 projected walkway closures are below. 

**There was a project update posted under that tab

**Valcourt will be working this Saturday


**When furniture gets pulled in from your balcony because Valcourt will be starting work on your stack, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SCREENS TAKEN IN ALSO TO PREVENT ANY ISSUES** The only balcony work that is happening at this time is on building 1. I will post when work on another stack will begin.

**Protection will be coming off of Stack 1 sliding glass doors soon. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE WORK THERE. It simply means they are at the end of the process and a punch list is being done. THE BALCONIES ARE NOT FULLY OPEN UNTIL THE STAGING IS TAKEN DOWN.**




Building 2 - Floor Closures - Walkway Coatings

Building 4 - Floor Closures - Walkway Coatings


Hello Owners,

I am going to attempt to give you the last and final building 3 walkway closure dates. I am fairly certain this will be it.

8th Floor is open

7th Floor will open Friday

6th & 5th Floors should open next Thurs

4th & 3rd Floors should close tomorrow and reopen Wed. the 27th

2nd & 1st Floors should close the 18th and reopen Feb 2nd

Please understand that the cold/wet tempuratures here have proven to cause delays in the many step process because curing times are being delayed. Please use these dates as a guide. 

BUILDING 2 - Will continue to have grinding and jackhammering, dust and debris


There have been questions and concerns about the parking fee. I am not sure if you have read and understand its purpose. Here is an explanation to help with owner's understanding:

In an effort to try and keep our assessments down, the Mainsail Board of Directors asked a newly formed committee to try to come up with a new revenue stream to offset additional expenses generated by Rental Guests and Owner Guests visiting our property. These additional expenses include more staff needed, more frequent trash pickup and disposal,  morecommon area cleaning, and additional utilization of pools, hot tub, tennis courts and exercise room/equipment and yes, even theft and defacing of property plus repairs of such things.

At the November 12th Board Meeting the Committee recommended a “Parking Fee” Program to the Board of Directors. The Board approved the Parking Fee Program and it will be implemented beginning March 1st 2021. A ($30.00) Parking fee will be charged/invoiced to the unit Owner for each Guest or Rental Guest staying a minimum of (1) night on Mainsail Property. It will be a "per car" charge for the entirety of their stay. (They will pay the fee if they are staying 1 night or 10 nights). The Board recommends that this Parking Fee be a “pass thru” to your rental guests by increasing your rental rates. Rental Owners who use companies other than Vacasa should notify your Rental Company to increase their rates to incorporate the ($30.00) Parking Fee which will be charged to you, the Rental Owner. Vacasa Rental Owners will not be charged as Vacasa already pays fees to Mainsail on your behalf.

Deeded Unit Owners, their spouses, Sons and Daughters will not be billed/invoiced the Parking Fee.

The implementation of this Parking Fee will enable the Mainsail HOA to better maintain the common areas and amenities on our property…especially during peak season time.

These costs have increased tremendously to the Association. To keep our property looking and running as you would all expect, will indeed, take these types of funds.

***Please understand, it is called a “parking fee” but that term encompasses many more things as listed above.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to bring in an extra $100,000 to the bottom line, the board and committee would be happy to hear from you.

We are endeavoring to make 2021 the best year possible and we can do that, better together.


If you haven't seen the post below, please read





Hello Owners,

There is a storage cage (Number 324) that is being used without approval. The owner came down and wanted to store some of her things in her cage and found items that did not belong to her in it. If this stuff is yours and you would like to keep it, please contact Kathy immediately. She is planning to come back down here in a week and she will be taking the lock off and getting the stuff out of there. This is the warning for whomever is using the cage.

Contact info for Kathy

Unit 324

Call - 770.630.4497




Hello Owners,

If you need to contact someone in the office, please contact myself or May ONLY until further notice.

Shea Garrett

May Eager



Per Valcourt

Building 3 – 8th floor is complete and can be opened tomorrow.

Building 3 – 7th floor will be available to be open no later than Monday.





New Walkway Closure Schedule

Building 3 Floor Closure ‐ Walkway Coatings


8th Floor         21‐Dec    6‐Jan

7th Floor         21‐Dec    6‐Jan

6th Floor         28‐Dec    12‐Jan

5th Floor         28‐Dec    12‐Jan

4th Floor         4‐Jan      19‐Jan

3rd Floor         4‐Jan      19‐Jan

2nd Floor        11‐Jan     25‐Jan

1st Floor         11‐Jan     25‐Jan


Building 2 ‐ Floor Closures ‐ Walkway Coatings


8th Floor          21‐Jan   11‐Feb

7th Floor          21‐Jan   11‐Feb

6th Floor          3‐Feb     20‐Feb

5th Floor          3‐Feb     20‐Feb

4th Floor         15‐Feb    2‐Mar

3rd Floor         15‐Feb    2‐Mar

2nd Floor        22‐Feb    7‐Mar

1st Floor         22‐Feb    7‐Mar




Progress report for the project as of today's meeting:

  1. Next week I should have the walkway floor closures for building 2. Stay tuned on this site for that.

  2. Valcourt will be working this Saturday.

  3. Building 1 Stack 8 balcony work will begin on Monday of next week. Pease bring in your patio furniture. (Balconies on this stack will be closed until further notice)

  4. Building 3 floors 8 & 7 are closed and will reopen mid to end of next week. (Weather Permitting)

  5. Building 3 floors 6 & 5 closed yesterday and will reopen on the 13th

  6. Building 3 floors 4 & 3 will close on January 4th


That is all for now. We wish you a wonderful, safe, and happy New Year!




Just a few notes about the project:


Valcourt has submitted weekend work requests for this Saturday and Sunday in anticipation of bad weather on Thursday and the closure of the site for Christmas Day.



Wishing you and yours a


from the staff at Mainsail 







There has been an updated version of the BOD & Committees Packet. You can find that under the 2nd tab under Notices/Agendas



**Latest Project Update has been posted

**Beach service sign up form is posted. (They were also mailed out.)




**According to Valcourt we will have an updated schedule by the end if next week. I will post as soon as I have in hand.

**Valcourt work will shut down early on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. On the actual holiday, Valcourt will be off.




Updated Directory was just posted under "Forms" Tab




New Project Update was posted yesterday. Please see under "Project Update" Tab


**Work on Building 1 Stacks 6 & 7 will begin early next week. Please make sure all balcony furniture is placed inside the unit.

**Valcourt will start grinding on building 2 this week.

**Building 1 stacks 2 & 3 will be done at the end of this week and the staging will be moved. Fully complete which means those stacks can resume as usual.




Here is an update from Dogwood Services (Our new landscaping company) and what they have been working on and what some of the plan is. You, the owners were involved in hiring them and we want you to be in the know!


Here’s an update on what’s been happening at Mainsail. Our actual start date was December 1st. Prior to our official start date we came in a couple weeks early  because we noticed during our walk through the property had an infestation of mole crickets and there were areas that had already suffered substantial damage. We had a small window to apply a specific chemical to help get them under control. Mole crickets will bury deeper into the ground as temperatures drop so we needed to get them while they were near the surface. Also we enlarged the flower beds at the entrance near the guard gate to double the size they were originally. (No additional cost) We created new flower beds on the east side and west side near the condo. (No additional charge). We did the flowers as a thank you for allowing us the opportunity to manage your property. We officially start Tuesday December 1st. We started by doing full maintenance on the entire property. We also cleaned up an area in the front east corner of the property that was over grown with vines and undesirable vegetation plus a lot of trash and debris. This area was also done at no additional charge. I promised Shea if we were blessed with the contract we would clean up that area. We noticed during our walk through that almost every sago palm on the property was infected with cycad scale which would end up killing the plants if we didn’t do anything. We have started cutting back all the fronds on the plants. We need to do this to get rid of scale and get it off the property. We will comeback and do a treatment to each of the sagos  to help with the infestation. Cycad scale is extremely hard and costly to control especially with such an outbreak that is on the property. The plants will be bare until new growth comes out. So if any owners are wondering why we did it you will have an answer for them. We are currently on our winter schedule which is every other week service but with everything that needs to be done (especially cutting sagos because there are so many) we will be coming on the property weekly and some extra days to get the property back to where it needs to be. Friday we applied a pre-emergent and herbicide which is a chemical to control winter weeds and kill existing weeds on the entire property.  I have asked Eddie to shut off the irrigation to the property (except flower beds) over the winter. This will help us control fungus in the turf and allow turf to go dormant.    It will also help with the amount of water used on the property. Which hopefully keeps the water management district from shutting down the irrigation for over use in the future. Upcoming project will be pruning all the crepe myrtles on the property. The crepes have not been pruned in quite some time. This will allow some of the crepes that are old and struggling to regenerate new growth. Pruning will also create a lot more blooms come spring time. That’s it for now and I will keep everyone posted on our progress. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity!



Hello Owners

If you have your unit on the market to sell or you will be doing so, PLEASE INFORM MAY in the office at

If you are a new owner, (less than 30 days)

Please inform May as well



A letter from one of our owners....


Fellow Mainsail Owners:

Earlier today I had a chance to get my first view of the renovations in full progress. I was extremely pleased with what I saw. First and foremost, the new exterior color (actual white-white) was absolutely terrific.  The portion that was painted looked like the white sand of our beaches. White. The walkways have been cleaned, sprayed, and painted and look great. Whether your unit is your primary residence, a second home, or a rental property, your investment has and will continue to increase with the new appearance of a fresh Mainsail. Hats off to whoever picked good old white.

Also, as a 24-year owner, I am always aware of our great staff. The Maintenance Team, Security Team and Office Group do an outstanding job of taking care of all of us and our property. If you have not contributed to the Employee Christmas Fund, please do so and do so generously. The Mainsail Staff treats us like family, and we should do the same to them.


Ray and Anne Petty, Homeowners since 1996.






Weather may affect the 3rd and 4th floor walkway closures on building 1 by about 2 or 3 days.

Please be advised, Valcourt is trying to get the walkways done within the days they scheduled. However, the process for them takes all these days because each day applies to part of the process whether it be measuring, leveling, application, dry times, cure times, and 3 different coats. Weather, temperature, and humidity play a big part in this. If you have a unit in building 1 or building 3, please realize they will try to keep to the schedule as much as possible but may run into delays. Building 3 is not as long as building 1, we know. But, as you can see, the process takes time not because of the square footage, rather because of the many step process. Bear with them they are doing their best.

In addition to this, just an FYI…. Valcourt plans to start on stacks 6 & 7 next week

(Building 1)                                    

Thank you all,








Hello Owners,

I would like to introduce you to my new assistant, Michele.

Below is a little memo from her. We are so blessed to have her here and we think she is going to do great! Please welcome her to the community as she will be working hard for all of you.




“Hello everyone. My name is Michele Such and I am your administrator here at the management office. I moved here recently from Corpus Christi, Texas with my husband and our dog. I really love living here and will call this home for a very long time. Your community is beautiful, and I am also very much looking forward to meeting all of you!”


Michele Such




11.30.20     ****A message from another owner in the community****

Our name is Allen and Betsy Sellars, new owners of 484. 

We have used a FP page for our other condos and it is a great tool for quick communication. Especially for sharing contractors and rental inquiries.  (Click link below)

This group is for Mainsail owners to share information only. Please no political post or business solicitations. This is a positive page only.

Allen & Betsy Sellars   

Unit 484



Owners of units in Building 1 Floor 5:        **PLEASE NOTE**           As scheduled, the deck coating on the 5th floor walkway of Building 1 was scheduled to be completed yesterday and reopen to foot traffic today. Last night, Valcourt informed O'Connell that the installation of the deck coating at the 5th floor walkway would be complete today. (11.30.20) Valcourt stated that they did not complete the walkway deck coating on Sunday due to the weather.




Walkway Floor Closures

8th floor   12.21 - 01.06

7th floor   12.21 - 01.06

6th floor   12.28 - 01.12

5th floor   12.28 - 01.12

4th floor   01.04 - 01.19

3rd floor   01.04 - 01.19

2nd floor   01.11 - 01.25

1st floor   01.11 - 01.25

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Hello Owners!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to you!!

Below is the Annual Christmas Letter in case you haven't seen it. We want to THANK all of you who participate in the giving this year. We hope as a staff, we do you proud. We will continue to all year long. May the remaining of this year as well as next year, be full of blessings as we work together to bring Mainsail from glory to glory!!







The latest project update has been posted.



Hope everyone has a nice Friday.


Click on the link for a short message:



Hello Owners,

Please find under "Notices/ Agendas" tab, subsection "BOD & Committees"  the 2021 Board of Directors and Committees.  This will help all of us to reach out to those that are working in different areas of our community.  They plan to  meet and have a report for each BOD quarterly meeting to update the community on work that is being done.

Thank you for all those that signed up to be a leader for the 2021 year. 

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

                          Henry Ford

Lona Pope

President, Mainsail HOA

(home) 320 Pointe Olympus Dr.

Gainesville, GA 30506





Project Info:

**The preliminary walkway schedule of closures for building 3 will be

December 7th – January 12th

(That is all the info I have as of now)

**There is a new updated “fluid Schedule” as of 11.11.20 posted under “notices” tab

**Valcourt will be working this Saturday (11.21.20)

**Valcourt will begin work on Stack 5 Building 1 tomorrow (11.18.20)



Hello All,

Just an FYI... The 2021 Reserve Study and The 2021 Approved Budget have been posted under the "financials" tab.

If you have not read the posting from yesterday, PLEASE READ.

Thank you all for keeping up to date via this website!



11.16.20         ****Important Please Read****

To All Mainsail Owners:

In an effort to try and keep our assessments down, the Mainsail Board of Directors asked a newly formed committee to try to come up with a new revenue stream to offset additional expenses generated by Rental Guests and Owner Guests visiting our property. These additional expenses include trash pickup and disposal, common area cleaning, and additional utilization of pools, hot tub, tennis courts and exercise room/equipment.

At the November 12th Board Meeting the Committee recommended a Parking Fee Program to the Board of Directors. The Board approved the Parking Fee Program and it will be implemented beginning March 1st 2021. A ($30.00) Parking fee will be charged/invoiced to the unit Owner for each Guest or Rental Guest staying a minimum of (1) night on Mainsail Property. It will be a "per car" charge. The Board recommends that this Parking Fee be a “pass thru” to your rental guests by increasing your rental rates. Rental Owners who use companies other than Vacasa should notify your Rental Company to increase their rates to incorporate the ($30.00) Parking Fee which will be charged to you, the Rental Owner. Vacasa Rental Owners will not be charged as Vacasa already pays fees to Mainsail on your behalf.

Deeded Unit Owners, their spouses, Sons and Daughters will not be billed/invoiced the Parking Fee.

The implementation of this Parking Fee will enable the Mainsail HOA to better maintain the common areas and amenities on our property…especially during peak season time.

Thank you,

Mainsail Board of Directors.


*Parking Pass Proposal can be found under the "Notices/Agendas" Tab*        Thank you Jeff McCorory!!





I posted the budget meeting info yesterday.

If you will be participating via Zoom or conference call and would like the documents that will be in the books, please email me at and I will send you everything. That way you can follow along with us. Your deadline to request these documents is Wednesday (tomorrow) at 3pm. After which, I will not be able to send anymore as there will be many other things I will be doing in prep for the meeting so I will not be checking emails. If you will be there in person, I will already have the booklets printed out for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,





The latest project update has been posted



Here is the Budget Meeting Info:

                          DATE:              Thursday November 12, 2020

                          TIME:               10:00 AM central time

                          PLACE:            Sanford Events Room, Mainsail Condominiums, Destin FL 32550

              CALL-IN:          1.866.212.0875 Passcode 487235#


                                                                            Password: 685949





Hello All,

I have changed my email address. Please use this instead from now on


Thank you,




Attention Mainsail Family!

 Our first Mainsail Owner Directory is ready for its debut!   The directory has two versions, one by last name the other by unit number.  Please open both and check your information.  If anything needs correcting don’t hesitate to let me know.   I am happy to make any corrections. If everything looks good to you there is no need to respond.   My email is 

They are posted under the "Forms" Tab

***Please See Below If You Have Not Already Seen The Posting About Floor Closures in Building 1***










11.02.20 - 11.15.20


11.09.20 - 11.22.20


11.16.20 - 11.29.20


11.16.20 - 11.29.20


11.23.20 - 12.06.20


11.23.20 - 12.06.20


11.30.20 - 12.16.20


11.30.20 - 12.16.20




Hello Owners,

This is to any owners whose units are in STACKS 1 – 4 BUILDING 1

If you have contacted the association about water intrusion or debris in your unit, please know I have contacted O'Connell Engineers and they are taking the necessary steps with Valcourt. (It is in process) Once we have a response from Valcourt, we will get it to you.

Thank you for your patience,







Starting Monday (11.02.20) Valcourt will be working on the sealants of Walkways on Building One (only) Through the 15th, there will be NO ACCESSS to the 8th floor units. They will move down to the 7th floor next and repeat this pattern all the way down. This is all the information about access or the lack thereof at this point. I will keep you posted via this section of the website. So, stay tuned...


Valcourt will be working this Saturday and weather pending they may work on Sunday as well


There has been a designated DROP ZONE on the southeast side of the property.

There is to be no cars parked under the building (building one)

There is no beach access on the southeast side

The southeast stairwell is closed

The handicap parking spot on that end is closed

Valcourt will have the areas blocked off. PLEASE RESPECT THE AREAS CLOSED. This is for everyone’s safety





Hello Owners,


Please do accounting a favor and write in the memo area on your check payments.



                                         WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR        


Thank you all,





Hello All,

Notice Has been posted for the Budget Meeting under the Notices/Agendas Tab


Here is the call in number and the Zoom information


             CALL-IN:                1.866.212.0875 Passcode 487235#


                                                                            Password: 685949





Just an FYI... Valcourt will be working this Saturday and Sunday (10.24.20 & 10.25.20) to make some more headway in catching up


Greetings Mainsail Community!

It’s the Directory Lady once again!  I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the beginnings of fall.  It was a pleasure meeting the owners who attended the annual HOA at Mainsail and I appreciate being able to introduce myself and our first Mainsail Owners Directory to those of you either in person or on Zoom or call-in.  If you would like to be included there is still time.  Please send your contact info; owner name(s), unit number, email and or phone to me at

The honor of your reply is requested by Nov 1st.  At that time, I will be turning the first draft over to Shea for inclusion on our website.   It is my intention to update the directory every six months.  You can always opt in or out.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Nancy Kwasnik, 164




FYI... There is a new tab available for you to look at. It is called "Unit Decor Ideas"

If you would like to see what other owners have done to update their units, you can refer to the slideshow.

P.S. Thank you to all the owners who are sharing these pictures with everyone. Beautifully done!



Hello Owners,

It was recently brought to my attention that someone we know (“unnamed A”) had their email hacked by scammers that most likely were from outside of this country. The police were notified and there is an open investigation as to who it was. Hopefully, whoever did this will be held accountable. The criminals sent emails and text messages to people (“unnamed B”) that “unnamed A” knew personally. They were requesting that these individuals do them favors and purchase gift cards and send pictures of the gift cards to them. Because “unnamed B” thought these requests were coming from someone they knew, they did the favor for their friend. Well…. they got duped. I am writing this to share with all of you, scammers are alive and well and have gotten smarter over the years. If you receive any communication from ANYONE via email or text message asking you to spend ANY of YOUR MONEY. PICK UP THE PHONE and ask your friend to verify that it is a legitimate request. I do not want this to happen to anyone else, so I want all of you to be aware. We should not and will not be the future source of any criminal’s shopping sprees!






Hello All,

Just and FYI.... Valcourt will be working tomorrow (10.17.20) to do some catch up work & take advantage of the beautiful weather.



Hello, my name is Kathy Zovlonsky, Owner of Unit 324 since 2005. I was on the Zoom call of homeowners this week.  It was nice to hear the owners participate.  I have rented my unit for over 15 years.  I have always wanted a way to communicate with the owners when the need arose such to hire as a contractor for painting, a good repairman for a washer, etc or to just find out how the property is doing through all the construction or if another unit had availability for a larger party than I could rent to.  Lona Pope, the board chair, is also a member now and she could certainly communicate to the group in addition to posting on the website. 


If you would like to join the Mainsail HOA group, go to the app store on your mobile device and download the Telegram app from the app store.  The icon is below:


You can also join from your computer if you don’t use a mobile device.  I have included the link below to take you directly to Telegram either from your mobile phone/ device or computer.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 770 630 4497.






The latest Project Update has been posted





B&G and BOD Meeting Minutes from August 14th & 15th have been posted.



1. Project Updated Schedule is posted under Notices tab

**Please remember this is a fluid schedule and subject to change based on conditions

specified on the bottom of the page.


2. Valcourt is scheduled to start work on the stack 4 balconies of building 1 at the begining of next week. Please pull all furniture into the unit and advise guests about the work. No one is to be on the balconies while the workers are on that stack, it will hold up progress and we all want them to finish this project ON TIME!

Thank you,




It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Shea Garrett To General Manager of our Mainsail Community.  As you all know Shea has been with us for almost two years.  She started her career here as Administrative Assistant and then quickly moved to Assistant General Manager.  She was promoted in June of 2020 to Interim GM and now to our General Manager.  She received her CAM in the Fall of 2019.

Shea came to Mainsail after many years of management skills in the Hospitality Industry.  She has one daughter, Sedona Reign who is  2 ½ years old.

Seeing and hearing many positive remarks during our Homeowners weekend whether in person, via zoom and conference we continue to realize she is a strong leader for our community.  We look forward to a long standing relationship as we continue to grow.

I hope you will join us in congratulating Shea.


Lona Pope, Mainsail HOA President

Jay Casio, Vice President

Salah Yousef, Secretary

Jeff Harmon, Treasurer

Donna Rupp, Director





Hello Owners,

The Latest "Project Update" is Posted!




Hello everyone,

Here is the Zoom link & info for today's meeting at 10am

Meeting ID: 609 951 1709

Passcode: Image14



 The latest Project Update has been posted!



Hello Owners,

It has been nice to see some of you back here at Mainsail! I am looking forward to the meetings this Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Thursday and Friday’s meetings will be first come first serve in the event center. That room can house the staff, board, and 30 owners.  

As you all know, the annual meeting on Saturday, required RSVP’s. Here is the list of owners that got their request in and were approved.

We will see you in the meetings

Unit 136                               Adrienne Paciera

Unit 276                               Jeff Mccrory                         

Unit 151                               Mike Hankins                       

Unit 453                               Camille Puckett                     

Unit 122                               Brenda Moulton                  

Unit 161                               David Lawrence                    

Unit 223                               Mickey Rodriguez                  

Unit 256+257                       Melissa Quinn                         

Unit 184                               Frances Garner                       

Unit 145                               Kevin Redmond                      

Unit 135                               Joe Teagarden                        

Unit 116+228                       Andree McDonald                 

Unit 115                               Joe Sanders                           

Unit 481                               Kelly Whitehead                     

Unit 258                               Kenneth Wicha                        

Unit 165                               Pam Lattimore                         

Unit 224                               Kawana Boyd                             

Unit 151                               Joyce Hankins                            

Unit 256+257                       Salah Yousef                                

Unit 116+228                       Mike McDonald                       

Unit 161                               Kim Lawrence                             

Unit 223                               Herbie Rodriguez                        

Unit 135                               Diana Teagarden                        

Unit 258                               Melissa Wicha                             

Unit 432                               Danny Groover                             

Unit 382                               Marcia Harmon                            

Unit 432                               Bob Kelley                                     

Unit 164                               Nancy Kwasnik                             

Unit 164                               Mike Kwasnik                               

Unit 122                               Henry Moulton                             

Unit 163                               Jeff Goulet                                     




B&G and BOD agendas are posted under "Notices/ Agendas" tab

I have also created a PDF with links to all the meetings. It too, is under the "Notices/ Agendas" tab

*Note*  If you are joining us via Zoom, You can open the PDF and simply click on the link from there and it will take you directly to the Zoom meeting




Friendly Reminder:  Please send in your ballots for the election before the end of next week. They will be counted on Saturday morning at the annual meeting.

Thank you



Annual Meeting Attendance Update:

If you reserved a seat during today's alloted time frame (9am - 12pm)

You have a seat reserved

If you were considered a "back up" -

You have a seat reserved

We have 5 seats remaining. If you would like to reserve one of those seats, please send May in the office, an email and she will add you to the list.


Thank you all,








Hello Owners,


Two things:

  1. Townhome owners - Maintenance will be starting some work on the townhomes in the next couple of days. This will include pressure washing and painting. Please relocate your belongings and cars away from the building. This is for your protection and the project’s efficiency.


  1. Annual Meeting RSVP’S – In an effort to make the annual meeting attendance as fair as possible to all owners, the association will provide very specific instructions as to how to reserve your seat at the Saturday October 3rd meeting. (see below)  As you know, there is a limit as to how many people can attend due to COVID. (30 Owners + Board + Association’s Staff) We are providing a way to attend with video to anyone who cannot be present in person. We will have our I.T. guy here so that it works smoothly, and everyone can see and hear. This is the very best we can do considering the situation. With that being said, we ask that only one person attend in person and the others attend via zoom or conference call. Because we would like to give everyone that has made the effort to be here and desires to come, the chance to attend, we ask that if you own more than one unit, you reserve only one seat to begin with. If when the deadline has approached and there are still seats open, we would be happy to add the other person for the other unit you own. Thank you all for joining us in giving as many owners the opportunity to sit in. As for the Thursday and Friday meetings, those will be 1st come first serve.


Instructions for reserving your spot:

This Friday 9.25.20

9am – 12pm (only)

EMAIL May in the office @ and let her know who will be attending.

Note* If you own 2 units and would like for both to be there, let May know who your primary person will be and who is the backup. (Again, if there are open spots at 12pm she will automatically put your backup on the list)


*3 hours allotted only

*Emails only  *No calls please





Good morning everyone,

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE:  Please help the community by insuring that all your personal garbage is placed in bags and put down the trash shoots.  If you live on  Ground Level, please ask your guests to take their personal trash to Floor 1 and place in the Trash Shoot.  As you know we have just overcome a very large Rodent situation and if trash is left on the ground next to the Trash Cans or in front of the Large Double Garbage doors that could attract them back to us!

It is important that NO TRASH be Left on the floor / cement NOT TO ATTRACT RODENTS! 





Hello Owners,

Good morning everyone. Just so you are aware... There is a lot of clean up to do here on property. Our maintenance staff is working diligently to do so first. After that, they will be inspecting units and attending to them. If you have a work order request, please call, or send an email to May or Debra in the office. They will write the work order and our maintenance staff will get to them in order of priority and as soon as they possibly can.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience. I can assure you we are doing all we can to get things back in order and back to normal.

Now, here is a word from our board president:



What was I thinking bringing my 86 year old Dad to Mainsail for a change of scenery in this unprecedented times!  Both of us can now say we survived the tropical storm side of Hurricane Sally.  Although we didn’t get the full effect of Sally, I can assure you Mainsail and our coast was given a hovering test of time.  The storm hovered over us for hours with tides that came up to our dunes, our retention pond almost reaching the South Pool and the parking lot under the tennis courts swimming in water.

All in all Mainsail weathered the storm with some leaks but she stands proud this new beautiful morning ready to take on another day!  I want to say thank you to Shea our GM for making it in early yesterday to check on everything and make sure her staff was safe; Bobbi Hart for working many hours in her new position as our Courtesy Patrol Assistant Manager.  Bobbi couldn’t get back home  and many of our staff couldn’t get in - so one night she stayed in the hotel and in due to the generous support from one of our new Owners, Todd and Jaime Bricker (Unit 125) allowed Bobbi to stay in their empty unit to get a good night’s rest in preparation of her early morning shift.  As they said it takes a Village.  I have to say I am very proud of our Village / Community looking after each other.  Mike and Joyce Hankins went to several units in the wind and rain to check on any leaks and did some clean up!

Valcourt came on property yesterday in high winds to check on some of their coverings and are back today early to move forward on our plan.  Our maintenance team will have a busy few days getting everything put back together and check on any leaks, etc. 

I ask that you please be patient as most of our elevators are down, leaks, water in our retention ponds and so many other things that need their attention after the storm on top of their already busy schedules. 

Now back to my personal clean up from leaks and to getting my Dad and me our well-earned T-shirt:


  1. Corona Virus

  2. Political unrest with Riots and Looting

  3.  RIDE SALLY RIDE  Hurricane / 2020

  4.  2020 Election ADS

I hope everyone has a few weeks of sunshine and happiness!  I Look forward to seeing you all either in person, on zoom or on-line for our HOA Annual meeting.  Stay Safe!


Lona Pope, President

Mainsail HOA




Storm Update:

The storm stalled in place and dumped a lot of rain here and in our surrounding areas. There are a number of road closures. Mainsail is holding her own. The retention pond is about ¾ of the way full and the parking area under the tennis courts has some water coverage. The rain seems to be subsiding a bit, hopefully, that won’t change. Most window coverings have been detached from the wind. Thankfully, Valcourt will be back as soon as the storm subsides to attend to things and resume their work. Of course, this week’s weather has caused some delays, so just be aware of that when it comes to the schedule. For the most part, Mainsail is doing well. It could have been a lot worse.

On another note, the office will be closed the rest of today so we can get back home before the roads close. The email servers are down until further notice. If you have an emergency, you can email me via my personal email address:

Take care all,






Storm Update:

       As of 2:30pm today, the storm has been moving slowly to the west. Everything is still secure and in good shape. Obviously, the restoration project has been put on hold for the storm. Therefore, our weekly progress meeting has been cancelled this week and will reconvene next Tuesday. I hope this news finds you all safe and well. Mainsail is doing good. If things change, we will let you know.



Storm Update:

The storm has taken a turn towards the east a bit. We are in a tropical storm warning area as of 4:25pm central time today. We will be keeping a close eye on it and keep you all updated as well. The weather here is still mild with a bit of wind, plenty of cloud coverage, and believe it or not, just a few sprinkles so far. Valcourt has secured all the penetrations into the building and will continue to keep an eye on those. They are responsible to secure all areas of work they have begun. They are fully aware of the storm and will be acting accordingly. Depending on what happens with the storm’s direction, we may need to pull all furniture off the balconies and perhaps put the hurricane curtains up as well. The hurricane curtains go up when it is a hurricane category 2. I want you all to know this is a priority and we will be doing what is necessary to protect Mainsail. I will keep you all updated as things change.






To all owners,

1. We have posted the latest Project Update.

2. Joyce Hankins is an owner here and she has a message for all of you. Please read below

      "As everyone knows, we aren’t having the annual social on October 2nd.  There are a number of us that still wanted to get together as we normally do.  With that being said, we have planned a Shrimp Boil @ $25pp or if you do not eat seafood, there is an option of bbq chicken.  We are limited to 50 people and have 18 spots still available.

Everyone will be responsible for their own beverages, and if you would like to bring a side dish as we normally do, that would be great!

If you are interested in joining us, please let me know by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 16th.  My email address is"






Hello Owners,

         Thank you all for responding in a timely manner regarding the hurricane curtain eyehooks. Reminder: Today at 3pm is the deadline to get your request to keep them in. If you already have, thank you, it has been recorded.  I am so grateful you all are keeping up with everything here on the website. It makes a difference.


I have another request:  It is time to change the AC filters. As you know, maintenance will need a good code to get in the units. Some of you keep up with this. Thank you.

         If your unit is managed by Southern Resorts or Vacasa, you do not need to get a code and the next paragraph doesn’t apply to you. If your unit is run by any other management company or by you, this next paragraph DOES APPLY.

         If it has been a while since you have given the association’s office your unit “maintenance code,” we need you to. Please make sure this code will work for a year or so. The association should always have access to the unit in case of an emergency. If an emergency did happen and the code maintenance has, does not work, they will use whatever means necessary to enter and that would be at the owner’s expense. So, help us help you, by sending May (in the office) an email and just simply tell her your unit number and the numeric code.

May’s email address:


One more thing: We should always have a backup key to the unit in case the lock falters. If it has been a while since you have sent in a good key to your unit, or it's questionable whether the key we have works, please do so. Send the key in the mail, with your unit number written on a piece of paper.

Thank you all,






For anyone who wants to keep your eyehooks and have not sent me an email stating so, PLEASE EMAIL ME NO LATER THAN THURSDAY 3PM. If you do not know what I am referring to, please look below at the previous post, dated 9.3.20.


Buildings 1 & 3, Floor 7

Valcourt will be using the big grinder on your walkways for the next few days starting tomorrow.

Buildings 1 & 3, Floor 6

Next week, the same for you

Buildings 1 & 3, Floor 5

By the end of next week and on into the following week, the same for you

This pattern will repeat until they are finished with all floors




Project Update has been posted




1. This is a reminder about the hurricane curtain eyehooks. Please read the posting below from 9.3.20 if you have not already.

2. I am working with the website designer to get you the next project update. So, stay tuned for that….

3.  Please read this message from one of your neighbors here at Mainsail:


Creating our first Mainsail Owner Directory!

Hi neighbors!  My name is Nancy Kwasnik.  My husband and I own unit 164.  I began this project earlier this year but lacked the opportunity to reach all owners.  Thank you to Lona and Shea for giving us the platform to create our association directory by adding this post to the website. 

The directory is voluntary.  If you choose not to participate, we will still think you a lovely person and an interesting party guest.  I do however encourage everyone to include at least one form of contact.  When we as owners can reach out to other owners, we are essentially creating a neighborhood watch. 

At this time, I am collecting the contact information for those who would like to join.  The directory has four fields: owner name(s), unit number, email address and phone number.  If you have multiple owners of your unit, please list all names.  You can provide contact info for all or some.   The choice is yours.  Ideally, we would like to have as accurate a directory as possible. 

If you provide more than one email and phone number, please identify them by name.   Send the info to me at with Mainsail Directory as the subject line.  I will put these together and Shea will work her magic giving us a place on the website where the directory will have a permanent home for all to access. 

I respectfully request the honor of your reply by October 1st.  I will respond to every email, so you know that I received it.  Please give that a day or two as there are a lot of owners and only one me! I am happy to have this directory come to fruition and I thank you all in advance for your support and participation.

Yours in service,

-Nancy Kwasnik, 164







Hello Owners,

This is important. Please read and respond if this applies to you

This project that Valcourt is doing includes waterproofing the balconies. We have observed damage to the concrete located in the areas of the hurricane curtain anchors. Valcourt will be repairing those areas and installing a waterproofing system that will have a 10-year warranty. Any unsealed penetrations to the slab could affect warranty at that location.


For those of you who have used hurricane curtains in the past,

I need to know who wants to keep them to use in the future.


Information you need to know to make your decision:

  1. If you want to keep your hooks. You must understand that Valcourt will need the eyehooks in (not the cap) and they will seal up around the hook. The eyehook will remain in place from here on out. *This is warrantable*

  2. If you are fine with not using the hurricane curtains, Valcourt will take the hooks out and seal the holes leaving a clean flat surface.  *This is warrantable*


***If you want to keep the hooks, I need you to email me a simple request to have them remain. If I do not get an email from you stating you want to keep them, it will be understood that Valcourt shall remove them and seal over top






FYI.... To get our lovely project updates form Valcourt, they need to fly the drone to snap pictures.







During the progress meeting yesterday with O’Connell & Valcourt, there was discussion about delays.

Valcourt spent a great deal of time putting up the plastic protection on each balcony they are working on. In addition to that, they have locked the sliding glass doors from the outside. This is to protect the work area and to protect the guest/owners. If the locks are broken or the plastic is ripped at all, it takes Valcourt time and money to replace them. THIS CAUSES DELAYS to the project timeline and costs the association money we don’t have to spend on things like this. We are in the beginning stages of the project and people have already been forcing the doors open and ripping the plastic. As you might imagine, if this continues, on all stacks & on all buildings, this project will not be done on time. We are establishing a “No Tolerance” policy. If the plastic is torn or the locks are broken again, Valcourt has been instructed to board up the doors. This will allow no light in and the cost of time & materials will be passed to the owner. To avoid this, please let ANYONE that will be staying in your unit know the rules and ask them to respect it. If you need to contact the rental management company and let them know, that would be wise. Obviously letting them know you would be passing the fine to them, might just get them to pay attention. The association has informed these companies, maybe getting a call from you, the owner, will help.

My hope is we can nip this in the bud and move forward. I need your help to get this under control, so this large project gets done on schedule. That way next season will be a bright, fresh, and new day!

Thank you all for your cooperation in this matter,






Hello Owners,



On Friday, Valcourt will begin the HEAVY GRINDING on the BUILDING 1, 8th FLOOR WALKWAYS. This will extend the ENTIRE LENGTH through BUILDING 3. Please be aware this will be LOUD & DUSTY.

NOTE: Owners/Guests will have access to the units, except for the little amount of time Valcourt is in front of the unit doors. For the most part, all guests and owners will just have to go around the workers. They will have work areas clearly marked as they are going along.

I will keep everyone posted as to when they will be moving down the 7th floor










Hello Owners


Paul has also been promoted from grounds to maintenance. He will be taking Pete’s place. He is excited to be in this new position. I asked him to write a little bio to share with you all. Here is what he had to say….


"Hello, my name is Paul. I was born in Fort Hood Texas in 1964. My father was full blooded Cherokee Indian. I was adopted by my stepdad, to which I call dad. He served in the military for 30 years, so I got to see a lot of Europe. He Married my Mom in 1971 & they been married ever since. My mom is German, she grew up in Berlin. We traveled to Italy a lot. My grandfather had a restaurant there, we helped him in the kitchen cooking for all the guests. That's where I got my interest in cooking at the age of 13. Growing up in Germany was great, we traveled to France to the beaches of Normandy and Omaha, we also went up the Eiffel tower. I Started cooking in the NCO and Officer's clubs. Then, I went to culinary school with the military. I also worked in a French restaurant in Falls Church, VA. I cooked for 24 years and got burnt out in the kitchen. However, I still love to cook on Sunday’s for my family. After all the cooking, I changed careers to maintenance at Tops'l. I worked there for 11 years. I was going to move to Las Vegas but that didn't happen. Instead, I started working here at Mainsail. I love working here and really like to help my fellow staff. It is a team effort here and we all work together. I look forward to working with you all for many years to come. Thank you for this great opportunity. "


I hope you will join us in congratulating him!




Please also refer to the "project Update" Tab. I have posted the latest slideshow and description of where Valcourt is lately.












This is a reminder about the pet registrations.

Pet registrations should be submitted to courtesy patrol by Sept 5th     

(They will be good for a year)

Thank you to all the owners who have taken the initiative to get this done in a timely manner.

If you still need to, and/or have any questions you may contact CP @ 850.837.6999

Once your dog is registered, you may purchase a standard issue green dog collar at cost, for $8.00.

Please, always have these collars visible outside of your unit. You must also have your dog on a leash.

Thank you all for your cooperation,




Hello Owners,

This Wednesday, the 2nd, Valcourt will begin the deck coating demo at Building 1 stack 3. We need to have all furniture off the balconies asap. If this applies to you, please move your things inside the unit. If you are not here and need your things moved, contact the office, and have Debra write a work order for you. Maintenance will be happy to help.


**If you are in stack 4,

        Please be advised:

The demo will cause dust and debris. If you would like to bring your things in soon, that would be wise.

Thank you all,




Hello Owners,



       I wanted to let you all know, we have promoted Gary White to Assistant Supervisor of Maintenance. I would like for you to celebrate with me and congratulate him if/when you see him. He deserves this. Here is a bio he wrote to share with you:


     “My name is Gary White and I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. My parents owned a farm and I worked in the fields before and after school planting and harvesting prize winning fruits and vegetables. I also baled hay for neighboring farmers and worked in a stable taking care of horses. My dad inspired me to learn carpentry and cabinetry and I spent 4 years honing those skills.  After graduating high school in 1979 I joined the Air Force and became a Munitions Specialist Technician retiring in 2002. I worked at a lumberyard after retiring until I began at Mainsail in 2004. I met and married my beautiful wife Sharon while in the Air Force and we have 2 wonderful children, 7 amazing grandchildren and 2 spoiled fur babies.

I enjoy working at Mainsail, it has allowed me the opportunity to meet the great owners, guests and coworkers not to mention the added benefit of being able to see the pristine beach and Gulf of Mexico every day. A few of my accomplishments have been to redo the interior of the elevators, design and build the grounds workshop, build boardwalks and the perimeter fences as well as many other projects with the help of my coworkers. I enjoy the challenges each day brings with the variety of maintenance work orders.

In my spare time I love to travel, spend time with my family and ride my motorcycle.”


Thank you all for being a part of this,












Good Morning All,

To all the townhome owners: I drove in today and Valcourt has all the space they need and progress is being made. Cars and items are ALL parked out of the way. I just want to thank everyone for helping out with that. Great job everyone!



**Attention Owners**

Due to weather delays, Valcourt has been approved to work this coming Saturday 8.29.20


To ALL TOWNHOME OWNERS: All items such as furniture, bicycles, and vehicles MUST BE MOVED AWAY FROM THE FRONT SIDE OF THE TOWNHOMES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. There are still owners parking in driveway and leaving items next to the building. This is CAUSING DELAYS and is not acceptable. It can also cause damage to your property. Please respect the request. We will inform you as soon as you can move your things back.


One last thing:

The dumpster that is CLEARLY MARKED for contractors only is the property of VALCOURT. Owners have access to a dumpster that belongs to Mainsail. PLEASE DO NOT THROW YOUR BELONGINGS INTO VALCOURT’S DUMPSTER. This too, CAUSES DELAYS & COST THE ASSOCIATION UNECESSARY EXPENSES.

Every year, the association gets an extra dumpster in September for owners to use for projects and such. We plan to do it this year as well. Please wait for that if need be.


Thank you all for your consideration and cooperation,





Latest Valcourt Update with slideshow has been posted to the "Project Update" Tab



Hello Owners,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

I am trying to solve a mystery, maybe you can help…

In building 2, Storage room 1, Last cage on the right

There were belongings in there with a lock on the cage. Somehow the lock was cut off and the belongings replaced with other items and relocked with a new lock?

The rightful owner does not know where their stuff is and would like to retrieve their items and reclaim the storage cage that belongs to them.

If there is anyone with information that would lead us the resolution, please contact the office 850.837.7894

Thank you all for your help,








Bobbi Hart


Hello Owners,

We here at Mainsail want to celebrate with you! We have given Bobbi a promotion! Here is what she has to say...


“I wanted to take a few moments to let you all know I was recently promoted to assistant manager of Courtesy Patrol. I have been a part of the Mainsail family since April 2001 as a security officer. I pride myself on having a strong work ethic and am extremely loyal. These attributes, I feel are crucial and valuable to any organization. My relationship with my co-workers is a positive one and I enjoy working with each of them.

I am both humble and grateful for this opportunity to serve each and everyone of you with whatever needs you may have.

Lastly, I would like to thank Shea and the board of directors for affording me with this incredible new chapter in my life. I want each of you to know that I will continue to give you the very best of me and I look forward to meeting and seeing you soon.

Thank you all,

Bobbi Hart”


Owners, when you see Bobbi, help us in congratulating her!




Good Morning Owners,


Due to the weather delay this week, Valcourt has been approved to work tomorrow (Saturday August 22,2020)






Just an FYI...

O'Connell Engineers will be flying a drone tomorrow afternoon. Please be aware of your surroundings.



Hello Owners,

We are refreshing the pet policy.

Owners are always required to display a standard association issued green dog collar on their person while pets are outside of the unit. (It must be visible from a far) Dogs must also be on a leash in the designated pet areas. (see rules & regulations)

To obtain a collar for your dog: You must first fill out and submit a Mainsail Pet Permit Registration Form (These are good for one year) along with updated vaccination records and a current picture of your dog.

Dog collars are to be purchased, at cost, in the welcome center for $8.00

All pet registration information must be submitted to the courtesy patrol staff.

Please have yours submitted by September 5, 2020

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Mike Rodkey / Shea Garrett






Hello Owners,

Valcourt will be locking the balconies they are working on from the outside. Please do not attempt to remove. These will be there for you and your guest’s safety. It will also protect your unit from dust and debris.


Stack 3 of building 1, please move all your balcony furniture inside by Tues of next week (8.25.20)


For townhome owners: Please plan to have all your personal belongings out from away from the front of the townhomes by tomorrow afternoon. Valcourt will be pressure washing, priming, and painting there for the next 10 days or so. Please take all belongings off the balcony in the front as well. Please plan to park your vehicle across the street or underneath the tennis courts. (including bicycles or any other item) This is to prevent any damage to your property.


Valcourt is moving right along with project. I will keep you all updated as things continue to progress.

Thank you all,





Hello Owners,

Just an FYI…

There is an updated posting on the website under the “Project Update” tab.





Last But Not Least: If you have a townhome, your furniture should be moved inside or on the front carport for the time being. Valcourt NEEDS TO PAINT and are being delayed because the furniture is still out there. PLEASE ACT NOW or OUR MAINTENANCE STAFF WILL





***This is an important reminder***   If you are in building 1 stack 1 & 2, your balcony furniture must be moved in today or tomorrow. If the furniture is not moved by tomorrow at 1pm, our maintenance will do it for you. Valcourt is working there and needs clearance to do so.

Thank you all,





Hello Owners,

If your unit is in Building 1 stack 1 or 2, Valcourt needs you to take down the sliding glass door screens (if you have them) and store them inside the unit. If you have them and cannot take them down for yourself, please email May or Debra in the office and they will write a work order for you. There will be a flat rate of $20 to do so. If your unit is occupied, the $5 COVID charge will also apply.

Thank you all,


May's email address:

Debra's email address:








This Friday & Saturday mornings at 9am we will be conducting our Building & Grounds meeting and our Board of Directors meeting.

You can find the notice / agenda under the "notices/agendas" tab

There are three ways you may participate. If you choose to attend in the event center, you are more than welcome. It will be a first come, first serve.

I do caution anyone that has symptoms or been near someone with symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or loss of taste of smell, to please consider participating via conference call in or Zoom call in.

We, and the other owners, would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you all and see you there,








Destin Glass Company has requested to be withdrawn from consideration for installation of Mainsail sliding glass doors (vinyl & aluminum) during our renovation project. Destin Glass is cancelling all current orders due to insufficient numbers to enable quantity pricing.  Please refer to the NOTICES TAB for a list of products and installers recommended by our Mainsail Engineering Firm, O’Connell & Associates.

Donna Rupp



Also, In case you were unaware, we have B&G and BOD meetings coming up at the end of this week. August 14th & 15th  Notice will be posted...







         Also, If any owners have old pictures from Mainsail back in the 80's or 90's, I would really like to get a copy. We would love to put together a collage of pictures that show the history of where Mainsail has been and where we have come.

Thank you, in advance, to anyone who sends me pictures!





Hello Owners,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

I have posted our Guest Rules and Information Sheet to the "Policies" tab. It has been edited a bit. This is handed out to each guest when they arrive. I have gotten feedback that some of these people just toss it out without reading. I would like for the guests to have another opprotunity to read it inside the unit. I would suggest if you rent your unit, to take this document print it out, laminate it, and post on your unit's refrigerator. That way guests will have it to reference. A few things have been highlighted that are pertinent in addressing some of our current issues. Please assist me and the association by having it in your unit. If you need a copy made here in the office, Debra can assist you with that.

Thank you all,





Hello Owners,

         I have been working closely with the website designer. It was asked if the website could be formatted for a tablet or phone. According to the website designer it is not yet, but will be in the works in the future. For now, we need to continue the way we have been. I had the designer create 2 new tabs. He is "subscribing" everyone to those postings so you all will be able to see the Project updates.

Something that might help you in not having as many steps to get to the postings:

 The next time you are at your computer and you sign in to the website, make sure to CLICK THE "REMEMBER ME" BUTTON.

This will allow you to click on the link in the email and it will take you directly to the "News" section without having to sign in with your email address and password.

*** NOTE: if you are signing into a public computer, please do not do this, as our site is private and we do not want others to have access.

Hope this helps,






TO ALL OWNERS,                                            ***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ***

  I regret to report that no fixed windows at Mainsail will be replaced by Destin Glass at this time.  

  I participated in a conference call with Lona, Donna Rupp, Jeff Harmon and the owner of Destin Glass Dan Haney on Friday July 8.  Without reaching Tier 2 or Tier 3 volume pricing, plus the cost of the swing stage and the moves required to complete window installation, it is cost prohibitive to move forward at this time.  Our discussion led to a future option of the entire property replacing all fixed windows at one time. Dan reported this initiative would provide substantial cost savings for Mainsail owners. 

   Valcourt, under our current contract, will complete the window recaulking, glazing and painting with a 2 year workmanship warranty.  Sealants are warranted for 10 years.

   For current Sidelight or walkway windows and sliding glass doors that owners have secured Destin Glass to purchase and install, a down payment must be sent to Destin Glass by Friday JULY 31, so they can be installed before the construction takes place. 

  If anyone is still interested in getting new sidelight windows (next to the front door) or walkway windows or doors, you can contact Destin Glass and talk with Dan Haney at

P) 850-837-8329

C) 850-737-0796



Jeff Goulet 

Building & Grounds Committee

Unit #163




Hello Owners,

As we get this project underway, I have informed stacks 1 & 2 of building 1 that they need to take all art, tv's & wall hangings off the walls prior to Aug 10th. I will continue to make announcements when Valcourt will be getting close to the next set of stacks. That way those owners can do the same. If you are not here on property and need someone to take your belongings down, our maintenance staff will do it for you. The flat rate for this will be $75.00. If you would like them to put things back up after Valcourt is done in that area, they can do that as well for the same flat rate of $75.00. Our staff will be taking pictures before and after to protect everyone's liability.

To have your belongings brought down, once I post the notice for your stacks: Please email Debra at and she will write up a work order.

Thank you all for working with us as we are getting close to the BIG DAY







Notice: Tomorrow, during business hours, O'Connell will be fying drones on property to take pictures.




I am so encouraged by the response of owners who are utilizing the website for info. This is wonderful. Pass it along to others who still need to sign up.

With that being said, I want to announce the 2 new "tabs" on the left side of your screen. These tabs are titled "Project Update" & "Project Docs". These tabs will be where I post ALL Restoration Project Updates & Documents going forward. I have been working closly with the website designer to figure out how to post pictures with these updates. There is an example of what that will look like under the "Project Update" tab now. He will remotely be posting a slideshow to our website that will coincide with my worded update. So stay tuned for the new ones to come...

Also, The schedule has been shared from Valcourt! I am posting that under the "Project Docs" tab.


There WILL BE CHANGES to come.

Below is the fine print on the schedule. PLEASE READ

**All dates subject to change based on weather, actual building damage encountered, unforeseen

    conditions, and crew production rates.

**Balconies will be closed for the duration of construction on each Drop

**Balconies may be closed while work on adjacent walls is underway


We are looking forward to getting this underway!







I just wanted to give you all an update. Our board member / project liaison (Donna Rupp) and I met with O'Connell yesterday to go over a few minor project details. I am happy to report, the project is on schedule and Valcourt will be beginning the "heavy work" on 8/10/20. After which, we will be meeting weekly with O'Connell to get progress reports and updates. I am looking forward to passing information along to you so everyone knows where we are at and where we will be going in the days ahead. Until then, if you have any questions, you may email me and I will answer or I can forward to the right person for answers.

The assessment payments have been coming in and I want to personally thank all of the owners who did so in a timely manner. Debra (my assistant) has been working hard to process all of those and she thanks you for specifiying what unit and what each payment was for.

Remember, if you are in building 1 on stacks 1 & 2, you will need to take all of your personal belongings off of the balconies before August 10th.

One other thing I would like to pass on: Valcourt has expressed a need for all owners who's stacks will soon be worked on, need to take ALL WALL HANGINGS down and placed at least 4 inches from the walls prior to them starting. The vibration from jack hammers will be significant and will raddle things. They have assured me this includes all art, televisions,  ect... ect..

Looking forward to the begining of a new Mainsail






Hello Owners,

              I would like to introduce you to the newest board member, Donna Rupp (Unit 181) We are so grateful to have her and want to thank her for her time and energy to represent the owners here at Mainsail. I have attached her "Bio" under the "Notices/ Agendas" Tab. Please take a few minutes to read it over and get to know her a bit. If you see her around, help us welcome her. We all look forward to working with you Donna!






7/13/20      BOD Directors                     Seat                         Term End

                      Lona Pope                     President                      10/20

                      Donna Rupp                  Vice President               10/21

                      Larry Swaim                  Secretary                       10/20

                      Jeff Harmon                   Treasurer                       10/21

                      Jay Casio                      Assistant Secretary        10/21




And Away We Go!

Update from Joseph Coleman, Project Engineer

                          O’connell & Associates:

"Valcourt is currently on the 4th floor of buildings 2 & 4 removing and replacing sealants. On buildings 1 & 3, Valcourt has completed the sealant installation process on the walkways. Valcourt plans to start removing and replacing sealants at the town homes next week."





Owners, The correct 2019 audit has been posted. You can find under the "financials" tab




Good Morning All,                                                         7/10/20

It was brought to my attention that not all of you get the email at the time a new posting has been made. Some of you only get the notice once a day or once a week. If that is the case, you will need to go into your Mainsail website settings, under "site admin", "activity alerts",  "Send notifications of new postings in the checked areas below: and select "immediatly".  After which you will begin to get the email right after I make a posting.

Hope this helps,




Building 2 Rat Remediation Project


To Owners:                                                                                                                                                                         July 9, 2020


Many owners have been aware that Mainsail has been engaged in a very aggressive plan to address unwanted visitors in building two.  All owners directly affected have been fully engaged with Mainsail management including myself (Jay Cascio Unit 214 - dating back to March)


Since the rodents didn’t affect all buildings, the HOA Board felt it prudent not to alert all owners, causing undo anxiety for all.  However, living in the HOT ZONE myself for 3months during this Covid pandemic… I have had plenty of anxiety for all of us!


As an update, I happy to say we appear to be in our final days. The rodent population has been our #1 daily priority for the Board and management since March 2020.  Our Maintenance Supervisor, Eddie is overseeing the scope of work and is collaborating with two companies to eradicate this very unfortunate situation for our community. Special thanks to David Sanford (unit 215) and Steve Gore (Unit 202), who have taken on more involvement than they should have …we owe both of them a BIG thank you for their help and support!


Coastal Wildlife was called in at the end of March once the investigation uncovered the full scope of the problem. Coastal is the best company on the gulf coast for this problem and came with high recommendations from other like properties that have suffered the same infestation.


The full court press began April 1st with the following actions:


Coastal started to make tremendous progress trapping and removing these unwanted guests… unfortunately this continued long into June with daily catches down but NOT at ZERO!


A subsequent inspection of Building 2, there was found to be an eroded area under the decking of Units 201 and 202 (potentially made from a storm) where a tunnel had been hidden by sand … eureka!! we finally found the main entrance for new rodents!!!


Contractors were called in to patch the hole and the numbers have been dropping!


To prevent any further infestation external bait traps are currently placed throughout the property and the board will be discussing new doors for trash areas in August to deter the desire for new visitors.


Shea gets daily updates and I have mapped the entire building, and this excel document is being updated daily by Eddie and his staff to determine hot spots when they arise.


The experts tell us that the sand dunes are the native habitat for these types of rodents, and we will always have to stay vigilant with our efforts.  We have contracted long term service for these external poison bait traps on the outside of buildings 1 and 2.


Mainsail is in good shape going into the construction project. Additionally, Valcourt has been instructed to be mindful of ensuring a tight perimeter on the first level to prevent any issues during construction.


The Board understands, no amount of placation can substitute for a full and complete remediation of the rodents especially for those owners personally affected.  Living in the middle of this, I can tell you that the worst appears to be over!


Thank you for your patience and continued support!



HOA Board





It was requested that we have a couple of suggestions for contractors that could go to units and inspect for holes left by previous contractors. These holes could very well be large access points for the vermon. As a precautionary measure, you may want to contact one of these men to help.

Our very own Gary White has agreed to help if you want him to. (It would be after hours)  850.974.0404

Dave Wesley is another one. (He does not text, so please call him)  850.240.1012







07/08/20                                                              PLEASE READ

Hello Owners,     

I sure hope this finds everyone well. I am sending this to inform everyone of the plan for communication.

Instead of having numerous channels of communication, we have decided to have ONE source.

The preferred destination for all communication from the HOA to all owners is the website.

I have noticed that some of you are very aware of what is going on because you are familiar with checking your email when something is posted to the website. I would encourage you all to continue to do so as things will soon be getting posted more often as we go through this restoration project.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been encouraging owners to get set up on the website. I have seen a number of owners request access to start. I am excited to see this, so keep the requests coming.

If you do not know what to do to get set up:

  1. Go to:

  2. On the top left of the screen you will see “Request Access”

  3. Click on that and it will have you fill out a few things

  4. Submit your request. That will send me an email and I will approve your access.

Please note: Make sure your SPAM FILTER is set to accept email from

  1. After you have been approved, you will start to receive emails when we post things. It will come from “Mainsail Destin Web Robot” You will open the email and click on the link. It takes you right to the website where you can sign in and see what was posted.

  2. Take a moment to browse around at explore the news and different tabs on the left side. There is a plethora of information and history from Mainsail.

I sure hope this helps to get every owner set up for communication. I will keep you posted as things develop.


Shea Garrett








To all owners,

              I am happy to introduce Debra Allen here as my new assistant. She used to work for Resort Quest before it was bought out by Vacasa. She has been a local here for over 12 years. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. She loves spending time with her grandchildren. She has been here for a few days and we are excited to welcome her here to be apart of our family. I hope you all will do the same.        

            If you have any work order requests, please email her and she will put them in. You may contact her now for your cable and internet issues. She will gladly get ahold of our Cox Communications Technician. Just a side note… She is also processing your assessments as they come in. On your assessment check payments, please write on the memo line, your "unit number" and if the payment is for the "regular assessment" or the "special assessment". This way she will know where the payment goes to.


Debra's Contact info:








June 30, 2020

It is with a very heavy heart that we accept the resignation of our Board Chair Brooks Blair.  Brooks has been a part of the Board and serving as Chair for over 20 years.  He has given of his time, talent and resources to make our community a wonderful place to invest, visit, play and live!  I hope you will join us in wishing Brooks the very best and thank him for sharing his passion at Mainsail.  His leadership and extensive knowledge will be greatly missed. 


The Board personally hopes that moving forward we can start with a clean slate and know that the Boards intention is only to improve our community! We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment. 















Meet Our New Interim GM

Shea Garrett


               Shea Garrett has been with Mainsail for 18 months in both the Administrative and Assistant General Manager Role. She has lived here locally since 1994 and absolutely loves this area. She believes “the emerald coast is a gem and we need to preserve that” She is a licensed CAM.  Her prior experience includes managing two highly recognized local restaurants in the 30A and Destin Area.  She was also a store manager for the local Verizon store in Destin where she led her team to all time high sales and rewards. Her experience in the hospitality field will help as she runs all communications here between the contractors, suppliers, vendors and the board. This will foster positive relationships as we move through the restoration project.  Her attendance in prior board meetings has given her the insight of where Mainsail is today and has inspired a vision of where “we can take it in the future.”

               Shea believes in leading her team by example. Rolling up her sleeves and learning each job in our community will just be the beginning. As she assesses where each department is, she will be able to develop new policies and procedures so we can become more efficient and start to see improvements. As she supervises and participates in the operational duties, she will be working closely with her two managers, Eddie and Mike. She believes with some guidance, the whole staff will excel. She values teamwork and the staffs individual talents and abilities. She is goal oriented and has some great ideas about how to bring Mainsail to “another level.”

She is passionate about Mainsail and the history here. “The owners and their investment is what I am here to protect.” This will be a team effort. We are so excited to welcome her into the position as Interim General Manager

I hope you will join us in welcoming Shea into her new role at Mainsail. 




Townhouse Overall Schedule:

Start: Monday July  6th

Duration: Approximately 5 Weeks: Complete by Approximately August 10th

Scope  - Remove & Replace Sealants,  Pressure Wash, Painting

Sequence: in general we will work from South to North, starting at the further south unit #1 and work towards the furthest north unit #10.

As they are connected townhomes, we will be working on multiple units at a time with the general flow of south to north


Pool Houses:

Start: no later than Monday July 20th

Duration: Approximately 3 Weeks: Complete by Approximately August 10th

Scope  - Remove & Replace Sealants,  Pressure Wash, Painting

Sequence: in general we will work both pool houses as they are available and try to minimize noise and disruption as much as possible.

NOTE – This work of the project is somewhat flexible and may be “worked-in” at other times if the occupancy and activity in these areas is too high.



Hello Owners,

This is regarding special assessment payments.

Special assessment payments must be made via check. Please specify your unit number and put "special assessment" in the memo portion. If you have ACH set up for regular assessment payments, those will still be processed as such. However, the special assessment payment requires a physical check. Thank you all




June 17, 2020

Hi Owners,

Please see the letter written by Valcourt Building Services to all owners under the NOTICES tab  regarding the upcoming restoration project. This is very important and we will also be sending this out via US mail.

Thank you,

Christina Cole


**June 16, 2020**


To All Mainsail Owners:



It is with mixed emotions that I inform you that Christina Cole, GM, has submitted her letter of resignation to the Board of Directors. Christina is leaving to take a position in the Destin area. Her last day with Mainsail will be July 1st, 2020. As we are disappointed to see her go, we are also happy and excited for her as she starts this new and exciting phase of her life. Christina has been with us for (11+) years and has served as Administrative Assistant, Assistant Manager and General Manager. We sincerely appreciate the many years of service she has given to the Mainsail Owners Association. If you like to drop her a note;  give her a call, or  drop by her office Please take a few minutes to “THANK HER” for her many years of service to our Mainsail Community.


                                                      Christina Cole, GM

                                                      Mainsail Homeowners Assoc.

                                                      114 Mainsail Dr.

                                                      Miramar Beach, FL  32550                                                     


 We are approaching the busiest weeks of our summer season and the Restoration Project starting up this week, it is in our best interest that we continue to move forward at Mainsail so that there are no interruptions in daily services/operations and the Restoration Project starts up smoothly and information/schedules/updates are relayed to Owners in a timely manner. With this in mind,  Shea Garrett, Assistant General Manager has agreed to assume the Interim General Manager position. We, as a Board, ask that all Owners please be supportive of  Shea as she will be dealing with the daily demands as outlined by our Policies and Procedures; the Restoration Project; the health, welfare, and safety of all Owners, Guests and Employees on our property as we continue to be mindful of COVID-19. In addition Shea will be hiring an interim Administrative Assistant to assume her responsibilities during this time period. 


On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you all in advance for your continued support of our entire Mainsail Community.




Brooks Blair, President

Mainsail Owners Association







June 16, 2020

Hi Owners,

Under the "Notices" tab on the website you will find Valcourt's preliminary schedule for the upcoming restoration project. Please know that this is a rough draft and this schedule could change frequently throughout the project. We will be updating this schedule regularly on the website. Weather and other unforeseen events could cause delays. 

Christina Cole


June 12th, 2020


Hi Owners,

The cut off time to sign up for windows and doors with Destin Glass is Friday the 19th. Without your commitment with Destin Glass directly a true discount amount is unknown.

Absolute Installation will also need your commitment if you chose them to replace your doors by that time as well. We strongly encourage the unit owners to plan the installation before August or at least early August before the project begins.



June 9th, 2020

Fixed Windows

Hi Owners,

Destin Glass has provided group discount pricing to replace fixed windows. I have received interest from many owners. The cost of the lift to perform the installation is $9,000 for the month which will be divided between the interested committed owners. Every time they move the lift to a different building or stack it is an extra $500 charge (also divided between you and your neighbors).

The interested units are;

122, 125, 133, 135,145,163, 164, 165, 187

212,258, 265, 276, 277, 282



If you are interested in moving forward, please contact Destin Glass at (850)837-8329 to commit. The pricing is located under the “notices” tab on the website.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


June 3rd, 2020

Hi Owners,

Thank you for your participation in the Board meeting today, the special assessment has passed, and we look forward to the upcoming improvements at Mainsail. You will be receiving a packet of information including scheduling and information within 2 weeks.

I have received group discount pricing from Destin Glass for sliding doors and fixed windows. The sliding door prices came in higher than Absolute Installation. I have heard from owners that Absolute has done a very good job on installing their doors.

The quote from Destin Glass includes group pricing for fixed window replacement. The cost to rent a lift is $9,000 for a month. Therefore, the prices you see do not include the price for the lift. In order to get a good deal, you will need to share the cost of the lift with your surrounding neighbors if they are interested. Your surrounding neighbors can be top, bottom, or side to side. I am working on a list of interested owners so that I can release the unit numbers and get appropriate pricing. If you are interested, please send me an email.

I have attached the pricing to the Notices Tab of the website.

Thanks again,

Christina Cole, GM


May 29, 2020

Hi Owners

The Special Assessment Meeting to pass the upcoming restoration project will be held on Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 at 10 AM CST.

I have attached the agenda under the "Notices/Agenda" tab.

The call in number is 1.866.212.0875  Passcode 487235#

Thank you,

Christina Cole 


May 27th,2020

Hi Owners,

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

I have spoken to Seaview Glass regarding window glass replacement, and if you are interested please give them a call at 850-654-5527.

Seaview will need to measure and access your unit to view each individual window to provide you a quote, and have offered a volume discount if enough owners commit with them.

Thank you so much,

Christina Cole, GM


May 22nd, 2020

Hi Owners,

I have added an example photo from Sherwin Williams illustrating the new proposed color scheme under the Notices tab.

There is only one week left to get your votes in. Please send in your proxy ASAP regardless of your answer so we can establish a quorum to be able to finalize the decision on June 3rd.

Thank you very much, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Christina Cole, GM


Walton County – May, 19, 2020:

 Please note under maintenance, to keep our maintenance team at Mainsail here safe we will not be doing in unit work orders, unless it is an emergency. We will go into the units to complete work orders after a 18 hour vacancy. Thank you for understanding.

Governor Ron DeSantis has accepted the Walton County Board of County Commissioners’ proposed plan of enhanced cleaning and safety practices, clearing the way for the BCC to reopen short term vacation rentals in Walton County, which they did at an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoon. This action is effective immediately.


Vacation Rentals can now once again rent in Walton County, as long as they are following the guidelines set out by the BCC. As part of the governor’s reopening plan, reservations cannot be accepted for dates within the next 45 days (as of 5/19) from the following states, which are deemed COVID-19 hotspots: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana.

May 14, 2020 – Walton County Short-term Rental Plan

As addendum to our previous letter urging the end of short-term rental bans in Walton County, we want to bring to your attention the safety and cleaning guidelines suggested by the Vacation Rental Management Association and the Vacation Rental Hospitality Professionals (summarized below and attached in full). These guidelines (when implemented in addition standards set by the CDC) seek to establish an industry wide best practice to ensure guest safety, and we submit the following as Walton County’s plan to ensure the safety of our visitors, residents and employees

COVID-19 Disinfection and Sanitization

 Surfaces should be cleaned and then disinfected, in two distinct steps.  Cleaning personnel and vacation rental staff should dispose of gloves and use hand sanitizer before entering their vehicle.  Cleaning personnel and vacation rental staff should follow CDC hand washing guidelines throughout the day.  All cleaning personnel and vacation rental staff should wear masks and disposable gloves and be trained in their proper usage. (Including disposing of gloves and masks as needed.)  All cleaning personnel and vacation rental staff should wear splash goggles that protect their eyes from air and/or liquid.

Products, Cleaning Agents, and Equipment

 Cleaning personnel and vacation rental staff should use cleaning products inline with the EPA’s list of products with “Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2.”  Disinfecting procedures should allow for required dwell time to kill the viruses and microbes.  Disinfectant products should be used on all major surfaces.

Cleaning and Inspections

 Extra time must be allowed for enhanced cleaning procedures to take place.  Guests should be asked to turn on all ceiling fans and/or HVAC fans when leaving to facilitate air circulation.  If multiple members of the cleaning and/or vacation rental staff are present at a property, they should maintain at least 6’ separation at all times and wear masks and gloves.  Remote check ins should be made available when possible to cut down on face to face interactions.

Soft Surfaces and Upholstery

 A pressurized pump sprayer should be used to distribute a sanitizing product across all soft surfaces.

 Dirty linens and bedding should be handled and sanitized in such a way as to safeguard cleaning staff and prevent the spread of viruses and germs. (See VRMA/VRHP recommendations.)

 Cleaning personnel and vacation rental staff shall remove gloves, use hand sanitizer and put on fresh gloves after handling dirty linens.

 Blankets/comforters shall be removed for laundering and replaced with a freshly washed item or covered with a freshly washed duvet cover as an alternative.

 Linens and bedding should be professionally laundered for proper cleaning.

Trash Removal

 For both inside and outside trash gathering, gloves and masks should be worn at all times.  Disinfectant will be used on the trash barrel, and a fresh liner or bag should be used inside the barrel or bin.



 All guests will vacate property before maintenance staff enters.  Technicians will wear gloves and masks at all times and dispose of those properly after exiting. Anyone entering a property less than 18 hours after guests have vacated should wear splash goggles.

Owner and Guest Policies

 Extra throw blankets, decorative pillows or other soft objects will be put away until further notice.

Telling Your Story

 Notice will be provided to guests alerting them that the property has been properly cleaned and sanitized.

All visitors are expected to follow Florida Executive orders 20-86 and 20-82, and individuals and rental agencies will refrain from accepting reservations from COVID 19 hot spots in the country for the next 45 days`




The Governor has lifted the short term rental plan in Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Walton County. Walton County is holding a special meeting at 2 pm today to go over a safety plan to publish. Once I receive the plan I will post it immediately.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM




Hi Owners,

You may have heard about the amendments to Phase 1 EO from Governor DeSantis which goes in effect today. The amendments allow gyms to reopen ( Mainsail’s gym is now open) and restaurants and retail to open at 50% capacity.  The main concern here for most of you is the short term rental mandate. Counties wishing to reopen vacation rentals can submit their plan to do so to the Governor’s Office for approval. Please find attached Walton Counties submission to The Governor under the Notices tab. Also attached is the amended EO regarding rentals which you will find on Page 3 -Section 4. Once I get word that Walton County’s safety plan is approved, and the rental ban is lifted, I will let all of you know immediately.


Please also see a letter from our Engineering firm O’Connell and Associates regarding the restoration project under the Notices tab and below this post, explaining the urgency of the project. I have also included an electronic copy of the special assessment mail out sent on May 7th, this includes the proxy for your vote. You may scan and email your vote to me or fax as well (850)837-3541. Please know it is very important that we receive your vote before June 3rd ,regardless of your answer to make a confirmed decision.

Thank you all,

Christina Cole, GM

Mainsail Owners Association, Inc.

114 Mainsail Drive

Miramar Beach, FL 32550

RE: Mainsail Condominium

Exterior Restoration Project

Dear Board of Directors:

As part of our ongoing contracts with the Mainsail Owners Association, Inc., O’Connell & Associates has performed multiple inspections of the property. During these inspections we have observed numerous issues associated with the buildings that need to be repaired as soon as possible. The following is a list of the major items on the buildings in need of immediate repairs.

• Balconies and Walkways – The balconies and walkways are poor condition overall. There are numerous concrete spalls, or areas where the concrete is deteriorated on both the balconies and the walkways.

• Stucco – There are numerous areas of the stucco that are in poor condition. All four buildings have significant areas of cracking and deterioration of the stucco and wall systems behind the stucco. There are also leaks in many units due to cracking in the stucco. The sealants around the stucco are also in very poor condition. The sealants and stucco are the main line of defense of the building against water intrusion. With both of these in poor condition, the building is already experiencing leaks and damage to the walls.

• Windows – The large fixed windows adjacent to the balconies are in very poor condition. While the replacement of these windows is recommended, replacing the flashing at the corners and sealing the exterior of the windows is a more economical option that will help protect against water intrusion.

The Exterior Restoration project includes repairs to all of these items along with the painting and waterproofing of the buildings (towers, townhomes, and pool buildings) and other repairs. Based on our experience, and through discussions with contractors in the area, delaying this project would increase the cost of the project, increase the amount and size of the repairs that will have to be made, and likely increase the time required to complete the project.

Thank you for allowing O’Connell and Associates with an opportunity to assist you with your professional engineering needs. We look forward to working with you on this project.




Betsy Smith

Betsy Smith, P.E.

Waterproofing and Restoration Specialist


Hi Owners,

I have heard from Absoulte Doors and they are offering a group discount on sliding glass doors if they get 10 or more confirmed orders from Mainsail. The normal price for the door is $5,900 and the discount is $200 so the final price should be $5,700 per door. If you would like to be a part of this group deal, please call Absoulte directly at (850) 244-4963 and place your order. I have not heard back from Destin Glass after several attempts to get the pricing. I know most owners are anxious to get this done quickly so wanted to share the information as I recieve it.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM



Hi Owners,

I want to announce that Walton County agreed yesterday to now allow beach service, they have started setting up today.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

I have been getting alot of questions regarding the beach service. Steve from Holiday Isle Beach service has asked me to post a response letter. The letter is posted under the "Notices" tab. Please contact Steve directly if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,


Destin Glass has offered a group discount on sliding doors, the amount is unknown at this time and will be dependent upon how many sign up. I should have this information by Monday afternoon. I am sorry for the inconvenience, I am giving you as much information as I can as it comes to me. I will post this immediately when it is received.


Christina Cole, GM



Hi Owners,

Please see my letter under the “Notices” tab regarding sliding glass door and window replacements.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

The office has been getting many calls regarding the short term rental ban. The Governor extended the order and did not specify an end date. I believe the State of Florida is going to watch the numbers and reevaluate after a few weeks. The Walton County Sheriff is cracking down on violators, issuing violations or making arrests. I have attached the most recent article from the newspaper in our local area.

I know this is really hurting a lot of owners who rent, I hope this comes to an end soon.

Please review the article and know the circumstances for any guests inquires you may receive.

Northwest Florida Daily News Article on Vacation Ban

Thank you,

Christina Cole


Attached is a copy of Governor Ron DeSantis Executive order, You can find this under Notices Tab.


Here’s what changes and doesn’t change for Florida on May 4:

Section 3 Paragraph D

The prohibition on vacation rentals in Executive Order 20-87 remains in effect for the duration of this order.

Phase one maintains current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including vulnerable individuals continuing social distancing while in public, avoiding groups of 10 or more and using face masks in public when you can’t maintain six feet away from others.


As of Friday May 1st, Walton County Beaches are open with no time limit restrictions. The only restriction is no sunbathing on a towel or blanket.


Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

In case you were wondering when the beaches in Walton County will reopen. Here is a press release from the Walton County Board of County Commissioners.

Walton County Beaches are Closed.  No Date Set for Re-opening.

On April 30 or May 1, it is anticipated that Governor Ron DeSantis will take action regarding the "Safe at Home" order and the "Short-term Rental Ban".  Pending action by the Governor, the Walton County Board of County Commissioners believes that it would be prudent to wait until that time, assess any information provided by the Governor, and make any decisions regarding the beach at that time.

Christina Cole, GM



Hi Owners,


The Walton County Commissioners have shut down all 26 miles of beaches, private and public. No one will be allowed to use the beach until April 30th.

Things have been changing daily, I will keep you informed as changes are sent my way.

I have attached the ordinance to the “Notices” section of the website.

I hope all of you are safe and healthy.

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

The Governor has now issued a mandatory stay at home order. You can find the official document under the “Notices” tab.

Mainsail employees are considered essential and we will continue to be here for essential needs.

We will not be performing any work orders in the units that are occupied or have been occupied in the past 2-3 weeks. Please understand that this to keep our staff safe. If there is an emergency situation we will take action.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


Hello Owners,

The Florida Governor has just announced that he will be suspending all Florida vacation rentals for 2 weeks. Also, there will be road block check points in Louisiana to try and stop travel due to the rise in cases from New Orleans. If you would like to watch the video of the announcement, it is in the link below. This does not apply to guests that are already here, but he says "finish and go home." 

The offical order is under the "Notices" tab on the website for your review.

Watch the announcement here, click for YouTube video.


Crazy times, I will update you more soon.

Christina Cole, GM









***ALL Beaches Are CLOSED Until further notice.

(including ours)

Due to the Commissioner's Office Latest Ordinance

(Please See "Notices" to view the ordinance & sherriff's notice)


***Our Pool is OPEN until further notice


***We have Closed the Fitness Center until further notice.


***Silver Sands Outlets (across the street) are Closed


***Gov. Ron DeSantis has banned all Florida restaurants from serving food or alcohol on premises, but said establishments can stay open to fulfill delivery or take-out orders.


Again, we will update you here on the website as things develop...


COVID-19  Notice:


In an effort to keep everyone here at our Mainsail community safe & healthy, we have:


*Posted informative signs from the Florida Dept. of Health all around property.

* We have informed our staff to communicate any possible illness as soon as signs show. If so, they will be tested and we will arrange for them to stay home for the duration.

* Our common areas are being cleaned & sanitized on a regular basis to prevent the spreading of germs.

* We ask that if anyone has been on property lately and did catch the virus, to please inform the association as soon as possible. We would then take any/all necessary steps.

* Handouts from the FDOH are available upon request at the guard gate. 

*If any of your guests have any other inquiries, please have them go to the HOA office.

*Last but not least: 

If anyone believes that they may be at risk, we ask them to use wisdom and act accordingly.


Please be advised:

As of now, Mainsail Community and Mainsail Beaches are Open and will be until further notice. If the officials notify us to close down we will let you know right here on this website.


According to the latest reports: Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered all Florida bars and nightclubs closed for 30 days starting at 5 p.m. Tuesday 03/17/20


The governor also announced that restaurants must limit their number of patrons to maintain safe distances between diners. Under the governor's order, restaurants can only operate at half capacity.


We will keep you updated as things un-fold

We wish you and your guest's health and well-being during this time.


Shea Garrett

Assistant CAM



Hi Owners,

This Fall we will start a major restoration project. This project could last between 7-9 months. We plan to begin right after Labor Day 2020. We are currently getting bids from contractors and hope to have the bids back by the end of March. Once a bid has been chosen we will have more specific details about the cost, timeline, and the approach the contractor will take building to building. We will keep you updated and informed as we get this information. This project will result in a special assessment, which requires a majority owners vote. After a bid is chosen, you will receive a proxy to vote before the special assessment meeting is held. You will be receiving many more updates and notifications as this process moves forward and we have more specific information of scheduling and costs.

Mainsail has no plans to “shut down”. Please advise your guest that we will be under construction. There will be jackhammering, grinding, and a lot of dust.

Until a contractor is chosen, we will not know the schedule of which building will be started on and so on. We also will not know how much the special assessment will be until we recieve and choose a bid. We will get that information out to you as soon as we get it.

Below is a overview of the project and what we plan to accomplish.




After a recent building inspection, several issues were brought to our attention.  The Engineering company reported numerous concrete problems, stucco problems, failed sealants, and failing coatings on the walkways and balconies.  In order to address these issues, the Engineering company has put together a scope of work for a major restoration project this fall.  A general overview of the scope items includes: removing all of the walkway and balcony coatings, performing concrete repairs, performing stucco repairs, removing and replacing all of the sealants on the building, installing new waterproof deck coatings on the balconies, walkways, and stairways, installing new stairway railings, and painting the building. 

The Association has also requested pricing on several items with an option to include them as part of the project.  These items consist of:  replacement of the railings at the pools, replacement of the ground floor breezeway railings,   a new roof coating on the porte-cochere roofs, replacement of damaged  flashing  located between the fixed windows and sliding glass doors and painting the remaining.

The Association is also requesting pricing to replace the fixed windows adjacent to the sliding glass doors and windows on the walkways. Of course these window replacements would be at owner expense. As there will be staging already at Mainsail there would be significant savings to replace the windows at that time.

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

Just some reminders/updates;

Please do not dump large furniture or appliances by our compactor, we cannot put these large items in the compactor. If you have “junk” that you need to dispose of please contact “Junk Away” to come pick it up for you for a small fee and they will take it to the local dump.

Junk Away (850) 803-5865

If you have packages sent to the office, please make sure they are picked up within 3 days of arrival. Mayta in the office is starting to “disappear”, surrounded by boxes. If packages are not picked up within 3 days our maintenance will deliver the package to your unit and you will be charged.

I received an update from the FDOT regarding the current road construction:

Here is an update for the work on Mainsail Drive:

Work has been delayed by weather. A cycle of rain, followed by dry, followed by rain is keeping the base material saturated beyond specification limits. This has delayed paving plans and looks to continue delaying later into this week. 

Impacts to Mainsail Drive, as they are now will continue through March 2020.

The next phase of work will offer some temporary relief.  Those on Mainsail Drive will be able to access Scenic Gulf Drive (C.R. 2378) and turn either right of left; however, this will be short-lived.  The work to follow includes construction of a concrete traffic separator, which will ultimately prevent left turns from Mainsail Drive onto Scenic Gulf Drive (C.R. 2378).

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM

Hi Owners,

Just want to inform you that we have retained attorney John Stratton from Becker & Poliakoff to represent our association in the customary use beach lawsuit. We are confident that John will protect our interest and property rights in this ongoing battle. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this matter, and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.


Christina Cole


Hi Owners

I have received an update from the FDOT regarding our new entry road: (below)

 I am providing information on the upcoming reconstruction work on Mainsail Drive.  Construction crews will resume the reconstruction of Mainsail Drive at Open Gulf Drive and construction of a new access road to U.S. 98 eastbound beginning Friday, Dec. 6.

Crews will resume reconstruction of Mainsail Drive at Open Gulf Drive and construction of a new access road to U.S. 98 eastbound in Walton County Friday, Dec. 6.Over the next two weeks drivers can expect an uneven dirt surface and one lane of traffic through the Mainsail Drive and Open Gulf Drive intersection. Traffic flaggers will be on-site to safely direct motorists through the work zone.

For your use, I have attached the handout for you to share with homeowners, tenants and any other interested parties. 

(This handout is posted under the Notices tab)



Mainsail Owners,

The holiday season is just around the corner and once again we have the opportunity to show our appreciation to our staff for the many things they do for us all year long. There are many of us that are unable to visit our property on a regular basis and it is reassuring to know that we have such dedicated and capable individuals who maintain, repair and look after our property while we are not there. As I have said many times in the past, WE HAVE THE BEST STAFF ALONG THE PANHANDLE! If you would like to make voluntary contribution to the Employee Christmas Fund, please send your donation directly to the Mainsail Owners’ Association, 114 Mainsail Drive, Destin, FL 32550, by December 16, 2019. We MUST receive your contribution by this date in order to consolidate the funds and distribute to the employees at the Christmas Luncheon. Please write “Christmas Fund” on the memo of your check and include your unit number.

In advance, I THANK YOU for your consideration and contribution to the Mainsail Employee Christmas Fund. In closing, I hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Brooks Blair, President

Mainsail Owners’ Association


Hi Owners,

I have posted the unapproved 2020 Budget under the "Financials" tab on the website for your review. The budget meeting is on Thursday November 14th at 12 noon central time. If you would like to call in the call in number is 1.866.212.0875 Passcode: 487235#.

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

I hope you all enjoyed the Annual meeting weekend. As always it was a good time, and good food.

There were some new things put in place that I wanted to recap with all of you.

Our elected Board members were Brooks Blair, Jeff Harmon, and Jay Casio. Jay Casio is a new member, and we welcome him to our team. I have updated the Board contact email list under the tab “Notices” on the website.

We had a great turn out at our VRBO rental meeting. We are currently updating the VRBO owner list for any owner who would like to be on it. If you wish to be a part of the list please email Shea with your contact information and unit number, and type. This list will be used for correspondence between VRBO owners for informational purposes. Also, a way to gain bookings.

In the meeting we spoke about the importance of vetting your guest, and ways to ensure honest people and protect your property. There has been much more occupancy the last few years, seems like people are really packing into units. We have noticed additional cars causing big parking issues in the Spring and Summer months. Under the “Forms” tab you will see an updated Guest arrival sheet. The update is a request that you let your guest know that there can only be ONE CAR PER BEDROOM.

We seem to have many owners who would like to get involved on committees here at Mainsail. If you are interested in being on the building committee, landscape committee, rental committee, or finance committee please email me and let me know.

There is an upcoming building restoration project going to take place in the Fall of 2020. Our engineer is currently working on the scope for the project. Once we receive this, I will put it on the website. I will notify all owners well in advance of dates and the plan once we receive the bids from the contractors.

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

By now you should have received the 2nd notice of our upcoming Annual Owners Meeting on October 5th, 2019. In this packet it includes a ballot for the upcoming Board Election that will happen during the meeting. In order to conduct the meeting or have the election, we must receive the majority of unit owners proxies and ballots. This is very important, if you have not yet sent in your proxy please do before the annual meeting occurs. The ballots must be turned in before 10 AM on October 5th, and they cannot be e-mailed nor faxed as all votes will be kept secret.

I appreciate your understanding and timely response, and I hope to see you all during the meeting weekend.

Christina Cole, GM


We appreciate all of you for participating in and acknowledging our new policy for guest arrivals for our Courtesy Patrol to streamline check ins. This has been a huge improvement! The only thing that seems to be missing from most is the guest cell phone number, and number of guests that you are expecting. The cell phone number is very important in case of an emergency and we need to contact your guest, due to the extinction of landlines.  Also, we have noticed a growing population at Mainsail and want to help monitor just how many guests are checking into your unit for your protection and ours. This upcoming 4th of July weekend will be a big one, and your help is needed to ensure that your guests are happy after sitting in all that traffic.

I apologize in my delay of announcement but for those of you who do not know, Precious has moved to Atlanta and is now happily married. We now have a new Administrative Assistant and her name is Shea Garrett. Please welcome her to our family when you come down. Her e-mail address is

Thank you,

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

Just a friendly reminder to please update your door entry codes with our office, as most expire at this time. If you are with a rental company we will be given access through them. We are working on HVAC filter changes and unable to access many units.

Thank you for your time,

Christina Cole, GM


Mr. & Mrs. Owner,

One of the most important duties of the Mainsail Courtesy Patrol Staff is to monitor and check in all Owners and/or their Guests visiting our property. This monitoring and checking in of Owners/Guests is necessary to protect your property and prevent unauthorized individuals from coming on our Mainsail property. In the past it has been relatively simple as rental companies have informed CP of upcoming arrivals. Over the years independent rentals and VRBO have substantially increased the number of visitors coming to our property. This increased traffic has made the Saturday afternoon/ evening check in procedure a “daunting task”…this is due largely in part to “unannounced” guest arrivals. A “Guest Information Sheet/Form” was created and we asked Owners to fill it out and either FAX or EMAIL to CP…this would certainly expedite the check in procedure thereby making your Family, Friends or Guests have a more pleasant experience upon arriving at Mainsail…we want them to be welcomed and not questioned.


The form that I have attached under the "Forms Tab" is critical to complete before your guests arrive. Going forward, any guest that arrives unannounced will be turned away until we receive your permission. Please understand that this is for the protection of your investment/property as well as your guest satisfaction.


We do realize that you may have last minute reservations and a quick email or phone call will suffice to let your guest begin their vacation.


Christina Cole, GM


Hi All,


I am at Mainsail. Everything is fine, just some landscape debris and we actually GAINED some beach! It is safe to return to Mainsail. We are so blessed, I am so grateful. Our maintenance team is working hard to get the property back in order, and then they will begin removing hurricane screens. Please be patient with us and know that everything is going to be fine.

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

I’m writing this from my cell phone at home in Destin. Just want to ease your minds and let you know that we “dodged a cannon”. We had a pretty good tropical storm on our end. I have not been to Mainsail yet, I will be there in the morning. I did hear from owners that stayed that Mainsail looked good, and they never lost power. Of course, once I arrive I will do a further inspection. Please be patient with us tomorrow as we will have a short staff due to so many that evacuated. Panama City took a beating and Mexico beach is completely underwater. I am so grateful that our homes in Destin did not endure this. I am keeping Panama City and beyond in my prayers, as they will need as much help as they can get. It’s a very empty, somber day on the Gulf Coast. 

Thank you, 

Christina Cole,GM


Hi Owners,

The Walton County Sheriff has come to me this morning issuing a mandatory evacuation. We will be knocking on doors to let your guest know that the Sheriff has asked them to leave the area, if they insist on staying we have to get all of their information. It is time to take this seriously.


We are working hard getting all the hurricane screens put up this morning, the patio furniture has all been put inside your unit. If you are staying here or can contact your guest who may be staying, please help me out by notifying them to NOT PARK in the center of the parking garage. It has a history of flooding and has flooded vehicles before. They should park on the east and west higher grounds of the garage.

Walton County has issued a mandatory evacuation which means:

The issuance of this Mandatory Evacuation Order is as follows:


Issued when an imminent threat to life exists and individuals MUST evacuate in accordance with the instructions of local officials. During these unsafe conditions, Public Safety officials will not risk lives to respond to emergency calls in the affected areas. When conditions improve, response times could be severely delayed due to an inability to access the mandatory evacuation area. These delays could last for hours or days. Utilities, including electricity, water, and phone service, could be damaged and unavailable for extended periods of time. If you do not evacuate, prepare to be self-sufficient for up to 72-hours or more.


The staff will not be on property tomorrow, we will all arrive on property Thursday morning if conditons allow. There is a strong possibility that we will not have power, I will do my best to find internet access to keep you notified. Elevators will be shut down this afternoon.

Keep us in your prayers,

Christina Cole, GM




Hi Owners,

I want to thank everyone for attending the 2018 Annual Meeting weekend, it was a great time as always.

I woke up to the notification yesterday, as I am sure most of you did about Hurricane Michael. We are monitoring the storm closely and prepping/securing the property. We did not have much notice and we are moving as fast as possible. I know most of you are in town and it would be very helpful to our maintenance staff if you can help by securing your patio furniture. By the end of today, we will make our final decision regarding the hurricane screens. Hurricane screens are only installed if a storm is going to make landfall as a Category 2 Hurricane.

I will update you as I learn more.

Thank you very much,

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

The annual meeting weekend has started, and I hope many of you are able to attend. I have posted the schedule under the Notices tab on the website. 

I want to inform you that over the past 2 days it seems Red Tide is making its way to our beaches. This comes with respiratory issues and  dead sea life that washes onto shore. I have posted a link below to our local newspaper for more information. Depending on the winds and tides it is unknown how bad we will be affected and will have to be monitored. The Walton County website will post daily updates with a status for anyone who wishes to view it. 

Christina Cole, GM


Hi Owners,

I know all of you are curious as to the public hearing regarding the customary usage of Walton county beaches that was held this past Saturday on September 8th. Luckily due to the crowds of people and security, the county streamed live video of the hearing on Youtube. It is about 3 hours long and I watched it this past Saturday morning. Within the first 30 minutes of the meeting, the commissioners announced that due to 13 that did not receive the public notice, there could be no decision made on that day. If this were to go to the Supreme Court then they must have notified EVERYONE to avoid having the case thrown out. Therefore, the new meeting date 60 days out will be on November 3rd, 2018 at 9 AM. A new public notice will again be sent to all of you, and at this meeting the decision will be made. The video (I have shared the link below) is mostly of the public’s opinions and arguments over the customary use vs. private owners. It’s quite interesting to hear the stories and passion.

Christina Cole, GM






Contact Info: